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Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000 Pro

By singingintherain ·
I'm forced to upgrade (at home) from 98 SE to either Win XP Pro or Win 2000 Pro. Which one should I commit to?

I have a Home Tower...with AMD 1800XP, 512 Mb Ram,
ATI 7600 Dual monitor Video Card w/64 MB, Dial Up for now but Cable (only choice here) soon.

I do Financial/Technical Analysis as a hobby, connect to a broker (the reason for this upgrade)
and may network 1 more computer in later. I'm really away from DOS (but like Fred Langa's DOS
ToolKit/Rescue CD aticles and techniques). I'm not invested in many older programs

Both of the Windows O/S will be obsolete in 2008
or so, I'm told, Win XP still has lockup problems,
they say, Win 2000 is mature and the most stable, I've read......What to do? What to do?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Windows XP Pro vs Windows ...

And I do mean PERSONALLY, I despise XP Pro. I think it sux BIG time, I had a client install one XP machine when I was monitoring things for him and I hated it. It was SOMEWHAT tolerable when I shut off all the bells and whistles, sped up the menu delays and removed animations, set to "classic interface" it isn't TOO bad. The only thing is, by the time you have stripped it of the junk, you end up with a somewhat stable version of Windows 2000Pro, so why even bother?

As for life cycle, MS first said they would end support for 2K in June '04, then due to public outcry it was extended to the Middle of '05, then the end of '06 and so on. People that have both or use both don't see value or benefit in upgrading from a stable and pretty secure OS that is great for networking to a new and sketchy OS that has had nothing but new bugs for every release and service pack.

I just don't see the value or benfit at all.

IF you were to buy a BRAND new PC, it would comewith some flavour of XP (whether Home or Pro) and therefore is designed to run XP, not meaining it won't be problematic.

IF you have an older PC or hardware, you will be better off with 2000Pro, it is MUCH more resourceful and XP doesn't recognize older hardware, causing you to upgrade.

So....Personally, run screaming from XP.

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