Windows XP Pro Will Not Boot, Why?

By dinkey ·
I have an Acer 5110 Laptop cannot get it to boot. It goes to the windows XP logo with the bar underneath and then just stops. I tried to go to last known good configuration but did the same and all of the other safe mode options all stop after it gets to the mup.sys file. Tried doing a repair but it will only get to the screen that says starting windows, you know right before you press enter to install or r to repair or f3 to quit. It will not go any further. Changed out the memory, same problem. Tried another power supply with and without the battery same problem. Was able to install new HDD with no problems installed services packs and all drivers except for the USB driver and all works well. Once I install USB drivers Laptop will freeze and when I try to restart it will do as previously stated above and not boot. Any suggestions?

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Request for Clarification

by nitram9857 In reply to Clarifications

Is this a SATA hard drive or IDE?

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How much memory does your laptop have?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

If you only have one or two gigs worth it would be best to update it to 4 gigs. If you have 32 bit Windows then the operating system will only use less than 4 gigs. If you have 64 bit operating system then the whole 4 gigs will be used and your system will be a lot smoother with your installs and updates.

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don't install those particular USB drivers

by CG IT In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...
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wrong drivers?

by NS Designs In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

maybe you installing the wrong usb drivers,

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by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

One of the USB ports has been fubared, which usually results in taking all of them out.

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USB Drivers

by dinkey In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

The touchpad on the laptop no longer works and I have to have a USB mouse. The USB mouse works fine until the USB drivers are installed then it quits working after several minutes I can navigate around with the keyboard and shutdown properly but then it will no longer boot again. With or without any USB devices attached.

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don't install those USB drivers

by CG IT In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

shrug, I dunno. if it was me, I'd go find different drives than those.. comp won't boot it's useless...I'd rather have it boot...and if there aren't other drives...I'd still rather have the comp boot...

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check Driver version & date . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

some "outdated" drivers for USB / chipset etc.
can't be installed after SP installation

if this unit originally shipped with XP (RTM) no SP
or SP1 / 1a etc.

then you have to install the drivers before installing any patches / Service Packs etc.

also if the USB is working without third party / Mfg. "Drivers"
then it's obvious that XP has recognized it and has basic support for the USB chipset and Mfg. drivers might not really be needed

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USB Drivers

by Strayer In reply to Windows XP Pro Will Not B ...

Try this:
Go to Device Manager.
Go to the mouse and get into properties.
Uninstall the drivers.
I would do a restart with the USB mouse plugged in. Watch as Windows starts.
You should see a pop up window saying that windows has found a what ever it calls the mouse and it will install the drivers. Don't do anything until windows tells you that your hardware is ready to use.
In BIOS make sure that Legacy USB is enabled.
I hope this does it.

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Reponse To Answer

by Who Am I Really In reply to USB Drivers

device manager not reachable when the system doesn't boot into winders

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