windows xp pro wont allow certain sites

By kc5gjy ·
One day I have no problem visiting certain websites,next day I can't.However I can reach these sites while operating under SAFEMODE with networking.Checked the host file,nothing appears blocked.Checked settings in IE 8.Can't imagine what could be blocking these sites.Appreciate any help!

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Several things to check........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to windows xp pro wont allow ...

It could be your anti-virus blocking them.

It could be add-on toolbars blocking them.

It could be the sites are down, or at least a portion of the internet backbone down so your request would be rerouted and times out before it gets to the site.

Have you tried a TRACERT to these sites when they appear to be blocked?

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reply from kc5gjy

by kc5gjy In reply to Several things to check.. ...

antivirus isn't blocking these sites,unable to ping them as well.However these sites are accessable under SAFEMODE W/ NETWORKING,but only under SAFEMODE.

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update from kc5gjy

by kc5gjy In reply to reply from kc5gjy

Problem solved,Peerguardian was preventing access to these sites,simply closing it down solved the issue.

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So disabling Peerguardian 'SOLVED' your problem ???...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to update from kc5gjy

Leaving your system exposed to whatever Peerguardian was protecting your system from!

I think you ought to evaluate your mindset a little closer.

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