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Windows XP pro won't boot ! #

By sailnow ·
installed APC "PowerChute Personal Edition" software so battery backup would save any data on computer before shutting it down. After the installation, my computer will not boot?

How do I get it to boot so I can remove the software?I've already downloaded their replacement after I recieved warning that shipped CD would cause no boot problem!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...


This is strange. We also use Powerchute software, though we have not had any problems with it.

Have you tried removing the UPS and plugging the computer directly into a socket? Maybe the UPS battery has failed. Try connecting the UPS to another machine and see what happens.

Good luck

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

When you are booting, press F8 and try invoking Last Known Good Hardware Configuration.

If that fails, try the steps here:;en-us;305595&sd=tech

If that fails, go to an In-place Windows XP re-installation:;en-us;315341&Product=winxp

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

I would try Safe Mode (tap the f8 key during a restart, pick Safe mode (or first try Last Known Good Configuration as suggested)
if you can get in Safe mode, fixing it may be easier.
If not, I would use the Recovery Console to manually uninstall the offending software or to manually return to a previous System Restore Point
I will check on how to manually uninstall powerchute on the APC website and also if i have time i will get you the links from to manually unistall software using the Recovery Console and ditto how to use System Restore from a command prompt.
In-place Reinstalling is for weenies. I hardly ever have to do that...
(you know, you don't need that software at all. Support for APC models is built into XP, configure it thru control panel/power

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by jtew In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

how far does it boot

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by NormH3 In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

Boot to safe mode.
type services.msc within RUN (start menu)
Disable any APC services

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by cliff680 In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

There is a problem with the APC software version 6.x. Restart your PC in safe mode, disable the APC services and uninstall the software. Then go to APC's site and download 7.x and install. There is an article on their site about this issue.

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by sailnow In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

THANKS to each of you who have responded. That is VERY SUPPORTIVE. I've booted F8 to safe mode = same computer response- partical boot and shuts down and automatically tries to reboot - repeats itself continualy till I hold the OFF button for many seconds to cause it to SHUT DOWN.

Have tried "REPAIR" from my original MS Win XP pro CD, and it asks for "Password" I tried my own password that I use for everything and it did not work. ANY WAY TO CHANGE OR DELETE the need for a password?

We are leaving tomorrow for a week to help our daughter with her triplets - when we return I'll try the options you have each suggested.

Again Thanks - & I'll be back in touch with this wonderful service of help from Tech Republic

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

Disconnect the UPS and retry booting into Safe Mode that is the recommended method of removing Power Chute 6 also unplug the UPS connection to the computer so that the computer fails to see any Hardware that Power Chute works with.


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by info In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

on booting just before xp starts up hit F8
In the menu select last known good.
This will set the system back to it's last working mode

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by kawarimi In reply to Windows XP pro won't boot ...

look for corrupted registry key that prevent windows to boot up in, I face this before, and the repair console it asked for my password event I haven't set any password there so these is what I do:

1, Get a MS-Dos boot up disk, you can created it using another Windows XP PC, just format the diskett with the option "make MS-Dos boot up disk" option.
2, insert the disk and turn your PC on, when it is in the Dos mode
3, follow the instruction show on Microsoft on the issue corrupted registry.

Restore the resgistry key then after it booted up successfully, use the system restore feature to restore back the time where you haven't install the APC software. Hope this help.

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