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Windows XP Problems

By mlffloyd ·
My XP Pro installation didn't go well. I installed over another XP Pro and also Ubuntu.At first my copy wouldn't install-said something about the hard drive.Then XP came on but I'm not sure it was from the CD. Should I just uninstall everything and start all over-I'm not that literate about this whole process.

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Better that you wipe the drive completely first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Problems

Then install XP onto a fresh drive:


'Darik's Boot & Nuke' - download and burn to CD, then boot from the CD and wipe the entire hard drive.

This will remove any trace of previous partitions which is most likely what is causing your present problems with installation.

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Well firstly you can not install over

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP Problems

XP and Ubuntu as they are on different Partitions. XP can only be installed onto 1 Partition so you have either attempted to install this onto the XP Partition or one of the 3 default Linux Partitions.

I would imagine that you where told something like XP can not find a Hard Drive present and this would be because you have a SATA HDD inside this computer. What you need to do here is make a copy of the SATA Driver for this M'Board and XP and then press the F6 Key when the first blue screen appears. You then need to insert a floppy with the SATA Driver copied to it's root into the A Drive when prompted and press enter so you can load the SATA Driver.

If you don't have a A Drive available you can use a product like nLite to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc with he SATA Drive included so you do not have to insert a Floppy Disc. It can be downloaded from here


If you do use nLite make sure that you read the directions available here under Guides


Now if this computer had XP and Ubuntu on the one HDD and you want to use the entire HDD to load XP to you need to delete the Partitions for XP & Ubuntu the easiest way to do this is as Old Mycroft said use Boot & Nuke to wipe the HDD. If the different OS's are on different Drives you should wipe both drives and then load Windows onto the Boot Drive and format up the second drive for use under Windows as it can not access Linux Partitions and the space used by Ubuntu will be wasted.


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