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Windows XP Professional booting

By benjieshelly ·
In the normal booting sequence, just before the Windows screen appears there is a blinking cursor in the upper L hand corner of the screen. Once in a while the system hangs at that cursor, but then boots normally when rebooted. So 3 questions: 1)What is likely to be the cause of the current behavior 2) If one day the computer stops at the blinking cursor and doesn't boot at all, what is the likely cause 3) If that happens what would be the steps to take

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My tuppence worth ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Professional b ...

In order:

#1 Something is wrong and ought to be checked out now.

#2 The 'something' from above GOT WORSE because you didn't check it out.

#3 Kick yourself for not acting at #1 when you had the chance.

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blinking cursor

by CG IT In reply to My tuppence worth ...

might possibly mean that the system is paused, waiting to execute "something". Some anitvirus software scans the system before the operating system loads in which cause there is a pause.

Could be something more insidious. You'll have to do some checking.

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how to fix this error

by technocrat25 In reply to Windows XP Professional b ...

Okay, I'm not going to help much, but it is a start.

First of all, get rid of that darn splash screen. Go into bios when booting up by hitting F8 repeatedly, or doing whatever it says to do to get to bios. Now, turn off the HP splash screen. You'll have to search through the bios to find where to do that. Don't change anything else. When you have turned off the splash screen, then tab to the right to the last screen and do an "exit saving changes."

Now, boot again and see how far it gets and what it is saying, if anything.

I don't think that "ch2" refers to a hard drive.

Now, make up your mind. In the first paragraph, you say it stopped booting and in the last you say that choosing "ch2" it will boot. What are you saying?? "Boot" means that you can get to the bios. Sometimes people say "boot into the operating system," which is more or less correct. Also, you say you can do a "hard shut-down." A hard shut down means that you turned it off. What follows is you turn it on again. What do you mean by "then ..." You just turned it off.

I don't mean to be nasty, but rather I am trying to help you describe what is going on, because your description is a bit contradictory.

I think that if you get rid of the splash screen, then you can see more details of what is going on.

Can you get to the bios and make the splash screen changes?

Where does it stop doing intelligent things and start the blinking undescore? This means how far into the loading Windows process, if any, does the normal activity get before the computer hangs up?

If you can get to the bios, you can see on the first page whether or not your hard drive is recognized.

There are many things here that could cause problems, but we can't really tell where the problem is occurring yet. It could be as simple as needing a new battery on the motherboard. (They are good for three to five years and then your cmos settings get lost.)

I doubt that you have cpu trouble or memory trouble, but it could be that. It could be motherboard problem but it is too soon to say. It could be the hard drive. It could be that the operating system is corrupted and needs to be repaired.

If it gets to the splash screen, then that is a relatively good sign.

This question is old enough that if you add more details I suspect that nobody will see them. I suggest that you remove the splash screen and see how far into the boot process it gets before it hangs, and then send in a new question. Include the operating system that you are using, the make and model of the computer, how old it is, where it hangs, etc.

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Why don't you post the link where you got your C&P answer?

by Ron K. In reply to how to fix this error
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Well done Ron K !! - You beat me to it ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why don't you post the li ...

This insidious little scrote 'technocrat25' is so anxious to retrieve ~sorry STEAL~ the answers that aspects of the actual question don't quite match up. Things like the reference to ch 2 which was in the ACTUAL question on the site he ripped the answer from.

This is, indeed, an insidious activity (stealing other folks' answers) and if we band together and JUMP on this little *******, eventually he'll give up. :)

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Boot Error

Are you sure you don't have a cd in the drive? It could be trying to boot from an unbootable cd.

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