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Windows XP Professional Upgrade License

By ls1313 ·
I am considering upgrading my Dell L550 to Windows XP Professional, as many of the programs (e.g., McAfee, no matter what the box says) and periphials (e.g., MP3 players) out now are not compatible with 98 SE. However, the Dell is getting rather old, and I am concerned that I will need to get a new box in a year or two. My question is: If I do upgrade my computer, and something happens and I must buy a new box, will I be able to save money by getting a computer that comes preloaded with XP Home, and just upgrade it with the XP Professional Upgrade, or will Microsoft not allow a copy of XP Pro upgrade that has already been installed on one machine be installed on another?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here the first and main one is

That it's more than possible that your current Hardware will not support XP Pro and in a worst case scenario you could have one piece of hardware that destroys an otherwise perfectly good install ox XP. I had this happen on a new P4 Box a couple of years ago where the moment that I applied SP1 everything appeared to install properly but on the reboot there was no partition to boot from as the MBR's had been destroyed.

That was a problem with a DVD reader and the moment that it was replaced the computer worked perfectly with SP1 installed.

Secondly there are various legal problems involved if you attempt to install an XP Pro Upgrade onto more than one box this is directly against MS EULA which is legally binding on you when you accept it to install the software.

I'm also unsure if it's possible to upgrade XP Home to XP Pro either I've never tried but I seem to remember something about this not being possible at a MS Partners meeting.

Anyway in a Year or 2 you are unlikely to be able to buy a new box with XP installed they will by then have a form of Vista installed and you'll be unable to install XP Pro as that would be a backward step from the OS's point of view and it will not allow this to occur.


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by G... In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

I actually did it and it worked fine. About EULA, I think the license is a per computer so if the old one is gone, it should be okay. But as Hal said, Vista is coming so you probably won't need it.
For the upgrade problems... From home to pro, it works fine as long as the version of the pro is newer than the home (e.g. had problems with a home sp2 to upgrade to pro sp1) but I'm more concerned about the 98SE to XP... It should work if your hardware is compatible but you won't be able to use a ntfs filesystem and some other thing to do to prepare your pc. Check microsoft for details.


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by reefurbb In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

1.Original Dell L550 was a P3 550 mhz with 128mb ram and 10gb hdd. This is enough for XP Home. Pro might want 256mb ram. 10gb is enough. You supposedly can upgrade to 1.2ghz P3, but $$$.
2. EZ Trust antivirus is as good or better than Norton or McAfee, for either W98SE or XP. Not as bloated, doesn't bug you every day for online updates.
3. MP3 player website should have software for W98SE. I've known 2 to have this.
4. Officially, XP does not transfer with a used PC. If you don't change any registration or hardware however, MS won't see the change.
5. Since April 2005, MS demands acceptance to search your PC for already used reggy info and pirated OS copies, if you want to download Defender or other supplemental software and XP updates. When loading or upgrading XP, you must go online within 30 days to confirm registration, or your PC won't boot XP.
6. New PC's come loaded, registered, and updated, to a point. This saves you $100 for XP home, but you mostly no longer get a retail XP CD with it all.
7. I would hesitate about buying a new PC with Vista, not availible for awhile. Once availible, stocked PC's with XP will go on clearance sale, probably. Since new bargain PC's are had for $500 or less, used PC's have been reasonably cheap and more may become availible. But you must be careful to buy a legal XP machine, and keep it that way. Many used XP PC's hit the market after the piracy check went into effect.
8. You must investigate a particular XP Pro upgrade CD to see that it covers what you want. There are different versions. For your Dell supplemental software, a clean install of any other OS will wipe it out. Only an upgrade will save it.
9. Your Dell is only worth $100 to $150 on the used market, and the price is dropping. It might be worth keeping as a backup PC and can be networked to an XP PC.
10. MS support for 98-ME ends June 30. What's there will be availible in Archives but no new updates will be made. XP PC's will be viable for maybe 5 more ye

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by dreis In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

When I purchased my laptop it came with XP Home, I used that for awhile then upgraded to XP Professional. I used the OEM version of XP Home to upgrade my daughter's computer from 98SE. We have been using it that way for about 2 years now with no problems. My understanding is that a Version of XP will only have a problem if the license is registered on 2 computers in 60 days.
So you should be able to upgrade and use the old version on another computer.
Hope that helps.

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by dreis In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

By the way, if you have 98SE it will upgrade to NTFS. Or at least it did on my daughters.

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by noviceevans In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

If you are on a really tight budget you should consider a no-name box that comes loaded with Linspire, or one of the other Linux distros. You can buy a AMD 2.4mg with a 40gig HD and 128mg memory for $198 now. A $30 memory upgrade puts you well within XP requirements. A simply OS reload to your 98se gets you ready for an upgrade to XP (home) that you can purchase for $89. Total investment, $317 ($389 w/Pro). Check out .

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by jefferooski In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

I think you must consider the benefits of upgrading to XP PRO. Home is just fine for the vast majority of users out there. Of course if you want the box to be a part of a domain you have to go to PRO. But there are only a handful of reasons to go PRO.


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by ThaWiz In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

You need a new computer now. Your computer will function adequately as a fancy doorstop with or without XP. Issue a "do not resusitate" order for this box.

A few DON'Ts:

- Don't waste any more of your money on this antiquated box. It's gonna die. We just don't know when. Just about any computer you get today will be be 6 times faster, 5 times the RAM and 5 times the hard drive space.

- Don't even consider running XP on 500mhz 128mb. That is a minimum configuration. It will bog down so bad you'll have to take a 3 cup coffee break waiting for it to boot up.

- Don't pirate operating systems. You won't get updates.

- Don't use Linux/Unix/Qnix/Rnix/ABCix. If you think you got problems with stuff not working with 98 - you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

Buy your new computer with XP pro preloaded. Then think about upgrading to Vista. Don't wait years to do it.

I just bought four from Tiger Direct (aka Global) for about $600 each. 3ghz/80mbHD/1gb/DVD/XP Pro. I'm sure you can find plenty of cost-effective deals all over. I also do a lot of business with NewEgg.

If you want to transfer your software licenses use Aloha Bob's PC relocator.

You can easily pull your hard drive and put it in your new computer. VIOLA! all your data is safe. Copy it over and use the old drive as a backup.

As a personal user you can use AVG Free Antivirus. It works as well as any of the big guys.

Good Luck,

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