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Windows XP Professional Upgrade License

By ls1313 ·
I am considering upgrading a Dell L550 to Windows XP Professional, as many of the programs (e.g., McAfee, no matter what the box says) and periphials (e.g., MP3 players) out now are not compatible with 98 SE. However, the Dell is getting rather old, and I am concerned that I will need to get a new box in a year or two. My question is: If I do upgrade my computer, and something happens and I must buy a new box, will I be able to save money by getting a computer that comes preloaded with XP Home, and just upgrade it with the XP Professional Upgrade, or will Microsoft not allow a copy of XP Pro upgrade that has already been installed on one machine be installed on another?

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by G... In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

I actually did it and it worked fine. About EULA, I think the license is a per computer so if the old one is gone, it should be okay. But as Hal said, Vista is coming so you probably won't need it.
For the upgrade problems... From home to pro, it works fine as long as the version of the pro is newer than the home (e.g. had problems with a home sp2 to upgrade to pro sp1) but I'm more concerned about the 98SE to XP... It should work if your hardware is compatible but you won't be able to use a ntfs filesystem and some other thing to do to prepare your pc. Check microsoft for details.


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by akitosforever In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

Yes I wud Recommend that u purchase a DELL because u wud end up saving money on a lot of S/W and the free tech Hardware support u get on along with the computer..Unless u are Hardware Geek and get the Best hardware Components at best prices to work *

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by brian In reply to Windows XP Professional U ...

As a rule everything I get from Microsoft says - OEM licenses are for that computer only. They can't be transfered even if the old machine is taken out of service.

Retail Licenses belong to the individual and can be transfered so long as they are only installed on 1 computer at a time.

If the upgrade is a Retail lic. It should then be transferable. Retail licenses come in the folder with the number on a sticker that stays inside.

I don't think there is such a thing as an OEM upgrade lic. OEM licenses have the stickers that go on the computer with the fancy holograms, and should include the booklet in the shrinkwrapped package. OEM Licenses require the sticker be placed on the machine.

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