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By big-big-big-al ·
hello my next door neighbours xp home edition had gotten corrupt thrugh some sort of virus and i have a xp proffesional cd for it to change it from home to professional but the problem is ive stuck the cd in not knowing the code and since his computer is screwed it wont even start so it goes straight onto the windows xp instalation process but i havent got the product key for that disk can any of you help me by giving me a valid product key or something along the lines of helping me at all? thanks

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Sure, no problem, glad to help :)

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows XP Professional

This one should work for all Microsoft products...


I hope the BSA comes knocking on your door. The $250,000 fine will be a nice wake up call.

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by Bizzo In reply to Windows XP Professional

The only thing I can suggest is to buy another copy of XP.

If the copy you have isn't installed on any other machine, then you should be able to contact Microsoft who may supply you with a new license key.

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No can do as

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP Professional

Firstly it's an act of Piracy divulging Product Keys.

Secondly and probably much more importantly different versions of XP use different product keys and what works for one will not work with another.

What you need to do here if you are remaining Legit and within The License is to contact M$ if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc and ask for a Replacement Product Key. You will have to read the Codes off the inner ring of the M$ Disc so that they can find out which version of XP you have and supply the correct Product Key.

If you don't have a M$ Branded Install Disc you need to contact the maker of the Disc which is one of the Big System Makers and ask them for a replacement Product Key and explain why it is required.


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there should be a sticker

by Sue T In reply to Windows XP Professional

on the outside of the computer that has the CD key on it.

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First you need to get a XP Home install disk not XPPro.

by 1bn0 In reply to Windows XP Professional

If you are going to go with XPP Pro just order it from an online site and install.

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disc without the key??

by orillasound In reply to Windows XP Professional

I tried this before and had problems, when i started fixing friends pcs, i reinstalled a xp pro sp2 system with my own disc and tried to use the key that belonged to the machines COA (xp pro sp2), this didnt work, i phoned microsoft activation and was asked to read out the string of numbers in the middle part of the disc, they said that the disc belonged to a different OEM from the OEM that sold that particular machine, I asked what i could do to activate the machine using the key on the COA seen as it was just a reinstallation of the os and was given a string of numbers to key in to get activated.....

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