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Windows XP Registry Recovery Problem

By paulrayment ·
I have been having a problem with my wife's HP Brio BA410 computer in regards to Windows - Registry Recovery.

The computer in question has been upgraded from a Celeron 633MHz processor to an Intel Pentium 3 733MHz processor and from the standard 128MB of PC133 SDRAM to 256MB.

The Windows XP operating system is a Hewlett Packard version Windows XP pre-service pack 1, I have however updated the operating system to Service Pack 2

The registry error that keeps coming up during startup is as follows:


One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful.

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by willcomp In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

My thoughts on what may be happening.

Sounds like Windows is checking registry, finding a bad hive and then restoring from backup hive. Only problem is that backup hive also has error(s) and process repeats itself.

Can try using System Restore to return to a point prior to problem occurring. System Restore also restores registry to that point in time.

Maybe some of our other folks will have some different ideas.


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by willcomp In reply to

One note: If anyone recommends a Repair Installation of XP, tread carefully. A repair install will not affect the registry and/or correct registry errors. Since you have SP2 installed, you will need an XP CD with SP2 incorporated for a repair install.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

Yeah, sounds like it needs to go back in time to a copy of the Registry hives that are not corrupt.
You can try the technique this Technet article lists:
Yes, that is pretty drastic. Basically the article tells you how to restore the Registry to the copy that was originally in place the moments after Windows XP was originally installed and setup. You then use System Restore to restore the system from this first day to the most recent day before these problems started.
I would wait also and see what other suggest before you try this procedure. But it does work. I've done this a couple of times, even over the phone with a non-computer literate person (no, that WASN'T any fun, but it WAS possible and did fix their corruption problems).

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by Argent A. In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

Apparently this is not exclusive to your HP Brio. After I installed SP2 on two Dells I got the same message. On one of the Dells I ran 4Diskclean Pro, the Registry Cleaner, and the problem was fixed. The other Dell, I still get the same message as you each time I restart or logon with a different user name:

One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful.

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by boywunder In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

Iv'e seen this a number of times (on a number of different systems), and every time it turned out to be hardware releated!.
Most common failure to give me this is a bad memory stick.
I have also seen a bad DIMM give me a 'bad or corrupt registry file c:\windows\system32\system' error on boot-up as well.

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by piratesofit In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

1} start ur system and press F8 KEY to select an option to go to {last known good configuration}
At first please take a backup of UR Registry,
Procedure -> go to ;
START>> {RUN} type <REGEDIT> GOTO {FILE option}residing on left top corner goto_(EXPORT)provide a file name to save the file ex: backreg;
please download the latest free version of registry mechanic or registry fixing tools and have a scan please remove all the temporary files and the broken links this may solve the problem or U need to get it ur os reinstalled

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by dmiles In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

That error is most likely caused by a memory or cache failure/corruptio.
It is likely a hardware issue.
i would recommend downloading a good memory module tester like memtest86 or dosmem and testing the memory from a floppy boot. If you have the luxury of being able to swap out the processor and memory , i think you can find the error there
Good luck

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Memory issue nailed it!

by shinsplinter In reply to

Thanks for saving me a bit of troubleshooting. I just ran into this error on a few Dells, and changing the memory out did the trick. Now to get that RAM replaced...

Thanks again!

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by peter_gammon In reply to Windows XP Registry Recov ...

The problem is most definately *memory*. I've had the exact problem with my home PC!! Yesterday I replaced the memory and I no longer am getting the Registry Recovery error screen.
With memory as cheap as it is now adays, this is an inexpensive FIX.

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