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Windows XP reinstallation cd

By adavis612002 ·
I have a Dell Dimension - 4400, it came with windows xp, i deleted xp and installed linux. I want to reinstall xp. Can i do that with the reinstallation cd?

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by ReWrite In reply to Windows XP reinstallation ...

Yes, you can reinstall from the cd. It will require re-activation and if you did not record the activation code you will have to reactivate it with microsoft. It could require a phone call to explain the circumstances and ownership on your part.



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by Poettone In reply to Windows XP reinstallation ...

Yes, you should be able to re-install from the cd, thats the reason they include the disk...d'oh...:) You will however be missing the troubleshooing or hidden partition Dells loads on their drives.. Not a big deal unless later you decide to need it for some reason..:)

I believe on the registration issue, you won't have to call Microsoft assuming your installing on the same "EXACT" hardware it was registered on in the first place on..

Good luck..

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Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Discs

by techsoldier In reply to Windows XP reinstallation ...

Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Reinstallation Discs.

Recently, my Dell Dimension 4400 finally gave out. I couldnt even find my reinstall Disc. I ordered a new disc and reloaded my system.

How to reinstall windows xp or vista onto your dell.

The First Step! Save money! Use the disc that came with your Dell computer to reinstall windows. No need to call a computer Tech anymore. You have everything you need at your fingertips!

Pre: Make sure you download the Ethernet and / or Wireless Networking driver from and save it on a disk, flash drive, CD etc.

A: Look at the Windows Product Key sticker on your Dell PC. Write down the version of Windows.

B: Take your Dell Windows Reinstallation CD/DVD and insert it into the cd/dvdrom drive.

C: Press F12 during bootup. Choose boot from CD/DVDRom.

Follow onscreen instructions and reload windows.

If you dont have a Reinstallation CD/DVD, you can go to: or Dell for a replacement.

The Second Step: Follow windows Prompts and Reinstall Windows.

The Third Step: Reinstall the Network drivers then go to and download the rest of the drivers for your PC. Once all the drivers are downloaded. You can install them one by one.

Now your system should be Completely clean and new!

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