Windows XP reinstallation

By tjbackstage ·
I have a 10-year-old HP 6630 desktop that originally ran Windows 98 but was upgraded to XP Home a few months after XP was released. It ran absolutely fine on the computer (500MHZ Celeron, maxed out at 256MB RAM, a 9.5GB HDD [after formatting], CD drive) for a few years, but then it began to run REALLY slow just a few years back. I've had a few other computers since that one, and my dad's ready to bring it to get recycled since it's hogging up space in our laundry room and nobody's used it for a few years. He said I could do whatever I want to with it otherwise, so I figured I might as well try to fix it up a bit for the heck of it and to serve as a learning experience. It had a 40GB hard drive in it for a little while, so I moved some programs and files over to it, but XP still thinks the programs are still there and won't let me get them out of the OS even though the other HDD was removed a while ago. It also won't allow me to uninstall old programs. This computer used to run perfectly fine with XP, so I think I just need to reinstall Windows. My parents never keep boxes or discs with their computers unfortunately, so the system restore discs are long gone. I do have the upgrade disc and product key for XP though, so I want to try to reinstall it. At some point, service pack 2 was installed. And when I enter the XP upgrade disc into the computer, it won't let me install/reinstall it since a higher OS is already on the computer. I really wish I could wipe the HDD and just put Windows on it, but this the only OS disc I have compatible with this computer is only that XP upgrade disc. What can I do to wipe all programs and settings off of this computer and reinstall XP Home (service pack 1) to use this as a simple internet computer? I can reinstall a few of the programs (like Office XP) I need to on it. Thanks in advance!

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To be able to upgrade

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP reinstallation

you will need to have an install CD for an earlier Operating System. Win98 or Win2000 will suffice. Use the XP Upgrade CD to prepare the system and insert the Win98 or Win2000 CD when asked for it. Without one of these CD's you won't be able to reinstall the Operating System.

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OK while you can not reinstall the Upgrade OS to a Clean HDD

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows XP reinstallation

I think you can use the Upgrade Disc if you have not wiped the HDD yet.

Just slip it into the CD Drive and boot off it this may involve changing the Boot Order in the BIOS to Floppy if there is one fitted then CD and finally HDD. Remember to ave the changes when you exit BIOS and on the reboot you should be prompted to Press Any Key to Boot Off CD when you see this on the screen press any key and wait till you are prompted to chose how you want to install this OS. Chose to install it to the HDD that is in the computer and when Prompted to either use the Existing Partition or Format It chose the Format Option. Proceed with the rest of the Install as per normal though you will probably be required to install Specific Hardware Drivers which should be available on HP's Web Site. Wait till you have Windows Installed and then Look in Device Manager for any required Drivers. If you fin any Yellow Circles with a Black Mark through them you require the deriver for that Device.

As Windows can not identify Devices without Drivers Installed you may like to use Unidentified Device Identifier available for download here to identify any required drivers.


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