Windows XP Repair Only on Dell Dimension E510 PC

By rovoco ·
My client's Dell Dimension E510 desktop has some problems which I believe can only be
solved by a repair of the Windows XP-SP2 OS.
I cannot do a full restore from the Dell CDs, because that will reformat the HDD and
data will be lost. Recovery Console does not
appear to be active. The system will not
boot into safe mode. The nature of the
problems are such that backup or copying of
critical data isn't an option. Is there a
way to force a repair of the OS using the
Dell CDs? Has anyone had any success using
Reimage on Windows XP? Any help would be
very much appreciated.

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You can try sfc

by The Scummy One In reply to Windows XP Repair Only on ...

start -- run --sfc.exe /scannow

It may need different disks to work properly, I dont know. But you can hope it works.
If not, throw in a linux disk and copy the data elsewhere (removable drive) and then run the full install.

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Sorry, never heard of sfc.exe - explain please.

by rovoco In reply to You can try sfc

Maybe I should have heard of sfc along my way from DOS 2.1 to Vista-SP1, but I am ashamed to admit I have not. Can you give me a briefing?

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sfc /scannow....

by ARG CIO In reply to Sorry, never heard of sfc ...

It is a System File Checker utility that replaces corrupt or damaged system files. The problem with this idea, is that you have to be able to boot into windows to do it, so it won't work for your situation.

Put A Windows XP CD into the drive and boot up to it (probably NOT the Dell disk). Get the SATA drivers from Dell and load them to a diskette, and press F6 while booting from the disk to load SCSI/additional drivers. On the first screen, press Enter to install Windows XP, agree to the EULA, and then if it FINDS a current XP installation, you can Press R to do a repair install, without formatting. If no previous installation is found, it will allow you to install a fresh copy, and you can do that without formatting. Everything will have to be reinstalled, but the customers data should remain.

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Perhaps your better choice would be ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Repair Only on ...

To put a new hard drive in, perform a new FULL install to that drive, then attach the problem drive as a slave. That way you get a perfect operating system installed AND retain all data on the current drive with all the problems.

I don't think you'll have much success with your endeavours if you only have the Dell OEM CDs.

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If I buit it....probably, but Dell built it.

by rovoco In reply to Perhaps your better choic ...

Yes, might be one way out, but there must be a better way. See responses below.

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by willcomp In reply to Windows XP Repair Only on ...

If you have a CD from Dell labeled Operating System Recovery, that is an XP CD, not a system restore CD. It can be used to run Recovery Console and perform a repair install of XP without affecting data or programs.

You can use any bootable XP CD to run Recovery Console.

Any OEM XP CD with same version (assume XP Home on a Dimension) and SP can be used for a repair install.

Any SP1 or later XP CD can be used to create a UBCD4Win CD which is most useful.

To ensure critical data is not lost, back up data or image drive. The UBCD4Win supports USB devices and other installed drives.

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Windows XP Repair Only-Addendum

by rovoco In reply to Options

Thank you for a very helpful reply. I think the Dell CDs are "reinstall" only, but I shall check. I believe the Dell E510 came with Windows XP Media Version 2005, but a repair from an OEM Windows XP Home CD should at least get the system up, so I can load the drivers from the Dell driver CD. By the way, the client is running OM 4.0, which uses a 16 bit early version of MS FoxPro. The problem began with the program loading o.k. (files appear in Task Manager) but not displaying. The program has been running fine for over two years. I know this is way out there, but could this be a Win 16 subsystem instability problem? Will a repair solve this or are we looking at a sneaky virus or spyware kink that McAfee failed to catch? Again thanks for the help!

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MCE = No Media

by willcomp In reply to Windows XP Repair Only-Ad ...

An MCE PC probably would not have XP install media due to MS restrictions on MCE distribution.

You can use XP Home or Pro to access Recovery Console. I still recommend UBCD4Win. By the way, MCE is an extension of XP Pro without domain connectivity. You cannot do a repair install without a MCE CD set (2 CDs).

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Here I think you'll find that a M$ Update killed the 16 Bit Apps

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP Repair Only-Ad ...

Well the 16 Bit ability to run programs has been terminated as there is a Known Issue with Windows every version that allows a Outside person to access the 16 Bit side of Windows and take control of the system.

Here the Dell Install Disc's are a Slipstreamed Recovery Set and Are Not a full Windows Install Set. To do a Repair Install you need a OEM Set supplied by M$ as it is not possible to do this with the Dell Recovery Disc's.


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