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Windows XP Restarting on boot


I have quite a weird problem here, A PC started just restarting on boot after a windows update (im told) So I checked the disk with SeaTools and it came up with only file system errors - no hardware errors(A windows problem).
So I re-installed the OS, It went fine and I sent it back to its owner, after a couple of days it started doing the exact same thing - I have done a full comprehensive Dell Diagnostic on it with nil hardware errors, used memtest and ran seagate again - (only file system error) and am currently re-installing XP again, I will keep it in shop for a couple of weeks for observation under test conditions but other than that does anyone have an idea of what could be causing the problem?

Anyone had the same problem recently? - I am thinking, in its time away it re-downloaded the update which caused it to crash but if anyone knows otherwise I would love to hear from you.

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by nazil dsouza In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

if you are that sure thats its a windows eror i suggest that u check the voltage i mean to say try changing the smps and putting the system on test and second thing is try to update the bios and third if u have any add on cards remove them and check cos i rem i had a smillar prob got so mad that i removed the motherboard from the cabinet and it worked while seeing the lan card was giving me a prob .... let me know or will give few more suggestions

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by ctrservices In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

It sure sounds like you have a hardware problem.

If you don't have it, try downloading the Ultimate Boot CD and running both the CPU and Memory burn-in tests.

If these don't show any problems, try the XP setup discs located here to see if it will boot properly;en-us;Q310994

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by josh In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

If you can replicate the problem of rebooting, try booting the machine up with a different power supply that is known to be good. Being that it is a Dell, most of there power supplies are around 250 - 300 watts.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

As well as the above answers have you cleaned out the chassis?

While the Ultimate Boot CD would be my first option you should clean out the case and check the voltages particularly the 5 V DC side of the Power Supply. I would also be looking at the PS as a possible problem as at best they are only marginal in any Dell.


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by parthiv_13 In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

Hey Dear try couple of things like change RAM module put good working one, as said above check SMPS and motherboard with power supply (Add my suggestion to check the sylinders of both things having is there any Bursted or not by chance), Check processor's FAN and last but not least Check the services is there any Entrupting the PC to reBOOT cz I had Sygate Firewall's service which was made PC restart after noraml start ups... when I removed the service or say Firewall from Safe mode it worked well.

Good Luck and Please POST your answer or solution whaterver you get.

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by silagy In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

so did you format and recover or repair ? what i think is your customer is getting driver download with windows update and thats causeing the issue

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by NZBN In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

Have reloaded and run for two nights straight without a restart - am thinking it is update related also, will keep you all posted once I start adding things to it

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by NZBN In reply to Windows XP Restarting on ...

Windows had re-downloaded the file again and cause the second crash no hardware faults.

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