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Windows XP & Roxio Retrieve 7

By willie277 ·
I saved 24.8 GB of data spanned across 6 SL DVDs using Media Creator Basic DVD Home I was having alot of problems retrieving the data as about every 4th file, there was an error. I read some forums about diabling DEP in xp, so I did that. It works a little better now; however it's incredibly slow. It's been running for about 4 hours and copied 40 files that are an average .mp3 size. Errors still occur but are less frequent. I tried re-installing the s/w. After I backed up the data, I reformatted all my drives and reinstalled xp with all patches and SP2. The rest of my specs are

AMD Athlon 64 3200
Corsair matched 512 mem mods @ 400
et al...

I would appreciate anything from anybody that would lead to the restoration of my lost data


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP & Roxio Retrie ...

Rather than a software problem it sounds very much like a problem with your Storage Media.

Did you verify the backup before deleting the files off the machine?

What speed did you burn these DVDs at? If it was 8X that is most likely your problem as for some reason the 8X DVDs don't seem to work all that great but if knocked down to 4X work perfectly.

Anyway no matter what it is going to be a slow process recovering the data the best option is to copy the entire contents of the compressed and split files to one folder and then try running the software extraction program to recover your Data. If the Recording media is even half way decent you should be able to recover your data that way just copy the individual DVDs into separate Files in the one Folder. If you can not see any file on the DVD at all when it is inserted you'll need to try a Data Recovery Program and depending on the compression and splitting method used this will vary between Data Recovery programs if there are any that actually support that file format.

As I'm not familiar with the new Roxio Product what File Format do they use for Splitting the files from one big file into smaller groupings? You'll need to place the extension in here to help us out so we can help you.


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