Windows XP Security Center doesn't detect *approved* antivirus software

By JCharlie ·
I used to have Norton Antivirus installed on my computer and removed it a few months ago. I then installed Kasperky Antivirus ver 6 and noticed that most applications on my computer (e.g., iTunes) would not be able to connect to the Internet.

Also, Windows XP's firewall & security center would not be able to detect ("Microsoft approved") antivirus software.

For example, Kaspersky and AVG software cannot connect to find the latest updates. With Kaspersky I get "Update failed: connection refused by server"; and with AVG I get "The update server connection failed; no additional information is available."

I also tried adding these (and other) programs to the Windows Firewall exceptions list and that didn't work either.

I'm concerned because my anti-virus software has not updated for months now.

Any ideas about what else I can try? I really appreciate your assistance.

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All I can think of

by Tig2 In reply to Windows XP Security Cente ...

Download Zone Alarm free firewall. Disconnect from the internet, turn off Windows firewall, install and run Zone. Now reconnect.

If you still can't get where you want to go, try this- download CCleaner- and install. Select "Fix issues". The tool will prompt you to backup the registry. DO THIS! I put the backup on my desktop so I can find it easily. Run it. You will have to run it repeatedly. That is ok. When it can't find anything else, reboot the computer. Create a restore point. If your computer is functioning normally, you can recycle the backup you have made.

If this doesn't get things set to rights, post back and tell us what is happening.

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First step protect yourself

by technicalted In reply to All I can think of

I would first go to and download the latest virus updates manually. Then follow TiggerTwo's directions.

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