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Windows XP Service Pack 2

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
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On June 26, TechRepublic member graeme wrote the following about problems with Windows XP SP2 and Microsoft's handling of the OS upgrade:

"Our company is already using SP2 at RC level on client's machines in order to help retain functionality against the overwhelming attacks caused by spy and malware - with significant productivity improvements for the client. IT pros should go out there and learn how to deploy this effectively and stop wringing their hands in grief. And yes - we understand - it is going to break some applications beyond repair. One way of looking at it might be that those applications should not be out there either.

"Just remember the next time you bash MS - each week's security round ups of weaknesses in OS's only ever puts MS in the middle of the pack. HP, Solaris, Apache, MAC, Unix and even Linux are all compromised as regularly as MS. If MS CAN make a big improvement in security in the large installed user base - we should see a dramatic improvement in our lives and we can devote the energy to fixing other issues - or even - heaven forbid - start to offer our clients new and innovative solutions that work!

"And no - I don't work for MS but I am refreshed to see they are trying to be proactive. And heck back in the Win 98 days were were sold the fixes as an operating system upgrade called Win98SE - which we had to pay for. Looks like we are going to get offered XP(SE) at no cost. Which of course is the way it should be!"

Do you agree with graeme's defense of Microsoft and their handling of XP SP2, or is this IT pro being too kind to the software giant? Let us know what you think by posting in this discussion.

For the full text of graeme's post, check out this discussion thread:

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Right direction

by ND_IT In reply to Windows XP Service Pack 2

I think MS is heading in the right direction. I think before they were too focused on shoving down our throats the next version of Windows before we had a chance to update the last one. Not they seem to be (time will tell) letting up on releasing new OS's and focusing on securing what they have. As long as MS is the big dog in the software industry, they always going to be prime targets of attack.

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Heavenly MInefield

by dracowiz In reply to Right direction

It is ok to update our systems with patches, that plug or fix security holes, although when these patches install, they should be able to tell you what they are going to break. File dependency is becoming routine (if not standard) under windows and the OS (read registry) can tell you (us) which files are used by what.
At times we programmers learn of undocumented and therefore suspect tricks to help us enable functionality, when these undocumented tricks are fixed we - not microsoft are the culprit. Usually undocumented equates to possibly not supported in the future.
Minefields are OK when you have the map, security hole free software is preferrable - heavenly ;-)

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Word of Caution

by blarman In reply to Windows XP Service Pack 2

You do realize that you are inviting a flame-war with your comments. Microsoft has a responsibility to fix bugs in its software - just as all vendors do. What most question is their due diligence in finding and fixing bugs BEFORE releasing the software.
And by the way, Microsoft gets itself into most of the mess regarding patches by bundling/integrating everything - especially IE. If you really want to look at "true" patches (kernel/base OS patches - not application patches), Microsoft is WAY down the ladder.

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About time...

by minterh In reply to Windows XP Service Pack 2

I agree that any "fix" to a product that I have already purchase should be free. Being that Microsoft is putting its "rep" on the line by admitting there is a problem and offering to fix the problem is good business.

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