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windows xp service pack two

By dwizz ·
Is it now safe to upgrade pc's to windows xp, service pack 2? If not, why? If it's ok what steps should be taken to upgrade a pc. I'm not sure I trust all of Microsoft's site information. Please advice.

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by jdelgado In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

I've perosnally have had no problems upgrading all our computers in our office to service pack 2. As for any precautions you might take, run any Antivirus and malware removers that you might have before upgrading to SP2 just to make sure there is nothing already on your computer that might corrupt the files from microsoft.


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by JRod86 In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

There are a couple known issues with software that may not work after installing SP2. These do include MS products as well. Make sure you back everything up and have a backout plan to format the HD and revert to SP1 again so that if you have any programs that don't work, you can go back to them.

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by JRod86 In reply to

Forgot to add that I personally have had no issues with SP2.

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by w2ktechman In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

I have only seen 2 failed SP2 upgrades with nasty effects. Best bet is to clone the drive first, just in case. Or, if not, at least do a system restore before upgrading.
Most applications are now compatible with SP2, but some older apps may not be. Best check with the app vendors if anything is in question.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

Most of the issues are related to the Windows Firewall which is turned on by default. You can either turn it off or configure TCP properties to allow specific ports you require. This could affect things like File/Print sharing, Instant Messaging, Games. The common HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP ones are allowed for you.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

About the only real issue is with older P4's as you need to Flash the BIOS so they will work after the Service Pack is installed.

There are a couple of known compatibility issues the main one being Wireless connectivity and some network printing problems as well. But generally speaking there are work arounds for these problems and they are fairly easy to get around.

Where you may have some problems is with some older software no longer working properly with SP2 installed but I haven't run across any business applications that are affected.

The main problem that I've run across is people not Flashing the BIOS and when the unit reboots after the install they see a POST screen and then nothing but a blank screen. Wireless is a bit painful as well and some network printers no longer work as network printers or they can be very slow to actually print but again this is generally restricted to the older printers.

While I really have not had any major problems I do understand that HP tell their users not to perform the upgrade although I have no first hand experience of problems associated with this.


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by shuja52 In reply to windows xp service pack t ...

Microsoft sites are almost trusted, there is no problem upgrading to SP2

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