Windows XP setup cannot access the disk

By asher2jk ·
My hard disk has crashed.. have left all hopes to salvage any info.. all that i am concerned with right now is to get the HDD working.. the BIOS detects the drive... its a SP0802N Samsung HDD (80 GB)...
When i tried to install a new copy of XP.. came to the last stage where you have to select the a partiton where you want to install the window files.. there it gave me the prompt windows can't access the disk where it shows the partitions.
Any key that i press would restart the computer.
What can i do to the HDD back to life.. am clueless now.. any help would be very helpful :) Thanks

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Ressurecting a HD is a little time consuming

by Dumphrey In reply to Windows XP setup cannot a ...

and requires no small bit of luck. Depending on whats wrong, it may or may not work. On the free end of things, I would download and burn a copy of
They have nearly every manufactureres HD diagnostic/repair tool. I have found that the Maxtor low level format will work on samsung drives (some times). What you want to do is run the disk check program for your HD. To do this, boot your computer from the UBCD cd. At the boot menu choose Hard Disk tools, then select shdiag (try latest version listed, then work backwards if they do not work). You can also try hutil.

If these report no errors, but you still can not get windows to load, probably your MBR is messed up. That would require another post of the same length as here, so lets just eliminate major HD problems first =)

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Run SHDiag

by robo_dev In reply to Ressurecting a HD is a li ...

If the drive won't pass diags, there's not much to hope for, so first thing is to run diags.

As a general rule, it's a good idea to put the drive into a USB drive case or into another machine, just in case the PC has a bad power supply, messed up bios, etc.

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Good point on the USB caddy. NT

by Dumphrey In reply to Run SHDiag
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I would really suggest fitting the drive to a USB Caddy

by OH Smeg In reply to Run SHDiag

And plugging it into another Computer which can read the Partition Type that you have. So if you have a NTFS Partition either Windows XP/Vista/2000 Pro or NT4 though the NT4 doesn't support USB so you would have to install drivers for USB. If you have a FAT32 Partition then XP/Vista/2000 Pro/NT4 or 98-5 will read this. Again the NT4 and 98-5 do not natively support USB devices so you'll need to install a driver for the external drive to work.

Look at the drive and see if you can see anything at all on it, if you can copy off your data and then wipe the Drive. Depending on the OS that was being used and is being used on the Computer that you are viewing from you may be required to Unhide Hidden Files/Folders and you may need to take Ownership of your Files. Both of these Directions are in the Windows Help Files but if you need to Take Ownership of the Files the XP directions are here

If your Data is important you can try using the Emergency Boot CD to repair your Windows OS it's available here Free

If you don't care about anything on the Drive you can wipe it and start the install process all over again with a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke

This removes every trace off the HDD so it appears to the OS Installer to be a New Blank HDD.

But before you start you need to check the HDD with the Drive Makers Testing Utility. If it fails in the computer remove it and test again in a different computer. If it still fails there the Drive is Shot and needs replacing if it passes in the second computer the Drive Controller on the M'Board of the original Computer is shot and needs replacing. The testing Utility from Samsung was listed above so get yourself a copy of it and test your HDD.


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have done that

by asher2jk In reply to Run SHDiag

i had attached the drive to a friends computer and there it was able to detect the drive but did not show any partitions.. even went to the disk management and there also nothing.
downloading the ultimatebootcd now.. it has the diag test and more in it.

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by asher2jk In reply to Run SHDiag

am not so sure as to how to run this diag on the drive.. i should make a bootable cd outta it right??

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The boot cd then it is

by asher2jk In reply to Ressurecting a HD is a li ...

Alrighty.. am downloading the ubcd now... will let ya know how far i have progressed or regressed :)

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by asher2jk In reply to Ressurecting a HD is a li ...

Okay.. ran the UBCD.. (Robo it has an inbuilt SHDiag).. went through the SHDiag which was specific for samsung drives.. it went through all the test beautifully but when it came to scan the surface of the disk.. it froze at just 2%.. now am stumped as to what to do with that.. does that mean have lost this disk.. Man will have to shell out loads of money.. My parents will kill me.. Help anyone.. HELP :)

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Ran UBCD (Both SHDiag and HUtil)

by asher2jk In reply to Ressurecting a HD is a li ...

Now have ran both the utilities.. and got the same result.. it stumbled during the surface scan.. all the other test went fine except this one.. any ideas as to what is to be done.. the HUtil had an option for HD erase.. should i go for that.. and there was a low level format option also in the same.. am so tempted to do that right now.. but will be a good boy and wait for some explanations..

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You can do this..

Get a new hdd and load on your windows disk, then follow the instructions below (put your old drive in the freezer first (read below).

But you do have a time limit (meaning very little time and it will be just one shot). Do you have a freezer? If you do then wrap the drive in three plastic bags (freezer bags come in handy), then put this drive in the freezer for a couple of days. Then (as suggested with the other posts) place the drive in a external usb hdd case (caddy) and plug this in to your usb socket on your computer and switch on the caddy, in your "my computer" icon you will be able to extract your files and docs.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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