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Windows XP Shutdown/Restart

By RB Scott ·
When I attempt to shutdown my Sony laptap that has Windows XP W/SP2, the system just reboots. The system will not shutdown even if I press the power button. Is there anyone with an answer. I've tried many of the troubleshooting recommendations from several websites and I still have this problem.

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Have you tried removing the batery?

by In reply to Windows XP Shutdown/Resta ...

If you remove teh batery you may reset the ram memory that might be kept alive by the batery, also there are reboot commands that your registry may have set by a malware or mistake, check all this posibilities before a reformat, it is always handy to have a spare drive just in case yours goes bad so why not try a new hard drive and if good keep both, one for back up just in case...

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try this

by ozwes007 In reply to Windows XP Shutdown/Resta ...

First and for most check the Sony website for Bios patches and driver patches for your machine.
Then try disabling any ACPI settings in the Bios and any power management settings in there.
This usually works however I have found some older systems simply wont't work any which way.
Best of luck

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by Kalamazoo In reply to try this

Try putting the windows XP install disk in the laptop and rebooting enter for reinstall let the disk get to install or repair and enter R for repair the laptop will go to the DOS prompted enter (1) for C: /windows at this stage you will be asked for a admin password if you put one in on the install enter it now once you have entered the password type fixboot this will repair the boot sector for you hope this helps.

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