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    Windows XP shuts down after 2 minutes


    by newmans9 ·

    Windows Xp was running on a Tripp Lite UPS unit and the UPS went bad. Shut down computer normally and bought an APC UPS. In Power Options, no UPS was selected on either unit. Computer is set to go to standby after 20 minutes. Ever since the computer was shut down, now when it starts up, it stays up for about 2 minutes and then shuts itself down. Does not matter if it’s just plugged into the wall; still does it. Help!

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      Not A Discussion Topic

      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to Windows XP shuts down after 2 minutes

      Please post questions in the Q&A area. Thanks.

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        q & a area

        by newmans9 ·

        In reply to Not A Discussion Topic

        Where is the Q & A area? Also, I posted this a few times and would like to delete the others. I did not realize every time I refreshed the page and resent that it would repost. Shame on me! Sorry ’bout that.

        Thanks for any help on this!


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          by drmorton1 ·

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          I do not know if you got an answer, but here is what I would do… I would check your cmos or bios area and look for reset to default. If this does not work re-load the OS… You may have to re-format the drive to get the OS to re-load the code. I would try to re-load without formatting first….
          Good luck..

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          I take it that you have had a look

          by hal 9000 ·

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          In the control pannel under Administrative Tools just to make sure that Windows hasn’t installed a driver for the original UPS? If it has it just might not like to play nice without that UPS being present even though you haven’t installed the software monitoring program for the UPS.
          I’ve recently had to change a UPS for a bigger one and had no problems and I had and now have the monitoring software for each of these UPS’s installed. At least that way I know if something is going wrong.
          At the very least have a look in the Device Manager just to make sure that Windows hasn’t installed something that you no longer need as it has the uncanny ability to install new hardware without asking permission or requesting any install disks if the device is already listed in its data base.

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          Reply To: Windows XP shuts down after 2 minutes

          by cfaasen ·

          In reply to I take it that you have had a look

          I have seen a virus do this. Try Stinger.exe from McAfee and see if this may resolve your problem.

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