Windows XP slow to boot 1st thing in morning

By spot-2 ·
Windows XP pro is very slow on 1st boot up in morning. (20 minutes) PC is then very slow.
On restart PC boots normal (90 seconds) and PC speed is normal.
I've run hardware diag. and all is good. (run diag. several times now) I've checked for malware - none. PC is very clean.
Any ideas before I do a clean reinstall?

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What part of the boot process is slow?

by seanferd In reply to Windows XP slow to boot 1 ...

I'm going to guess that it is during Loading Windows or the Logon, rather than the actual bootstrapping.

Do you have anything, like an AV, set to scan at this point of startup?

Have you looked at the event logs?

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Heh. Guess what just turned up in the Blogs?

by seanferd In reply to What part of the boot pro ...


Steps for filtering the logs appears to be a bit different from XP, but the same concept applies.

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Sounds as if you have something running on the initial Boot

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP slow to boot 1 ...

Things like a AV Scanner are the obvious but really it could be anything.


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Disk Error Check

by Tyharo In reply to Windows XP slow to boot 1 ...

maybe check the programs that start up with the computer, look for anything that unwanted.
next check the computer services and look for anything unwanted as well.
I would recommend you do a disk check looking for bad sectors or disk errors. to do this:
start button/computer/right click main drive (usually C:)/properties/tools/disk error check.
you will have to schedule it for your next start-up. note: You will want to do this when your not going to use the computer for a while because disk checks usually take a few hours.In the end it should fix your problem and possibly boost your computers performance a bit.

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check into this

by markp24 In reply to Windows XP slow to boot 1 ...


if that system is part of a domain, Check the GPO, do a GPOupdate/ Force .

if is or is not on a domain, try cleaning up the windows Temp folder, and the prefetch folder and then remove the $nt hidden folders. Clean up the users %application data%\local setting\temp folder. after that defrag it. reboot
and see if it helps

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Thanks for your help

by spot-2 In reply to check into this

Have tried all suggestions and little improvement.
Boot times:
1st Start 2nd Start
Dell Boot Screen 55 sec 12 sec
Log in Prompt 4 min 45 sec 42 sec
Fully Booted 11 min 30 sec 38 sec
Total Time 17 min 10 sec 2 min 2 sec

All start up services have been disabled. This reduced 1st start time from over 27 min.
After 1st start system is very slow. 2nd start system speed is normal.
All hardware diagnostics come up OK.

I guess I will shedule a time with user to reinstall. Does not make sinse, but out of ideas.

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Sounds like the safest thing to do

by markp24 In reply to Thanks for your help


I would definitly agree with you on wipingout and reloading the system, that could be some sorta malware, or it may be some Service for a program he running (doubt it) but could be.
Good luck!! Dont forget to back up the system first (image it)

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OK what peeked my attention here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for your help

The Dell Boot Screen Times

Boot times:
1st Start 2nd Start
Dell Boot Screen 55 sec 12 sec

For there to be a difference at this point there has to be something wrong at the Hardware Level or the BIOS Settings.

So have you checked the BIOS paying particular attention to the Date & Time as well as other settings?

That would be where I started. Make sure that you have the right Date including Year and the time and then set the system to performance Defaults. Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and see what if any difference is made.

Though you'll probably have to wait till the next day to confirm that you have made a difference.

Also some diagnostic work if no difference is made with something like the Ultimate Boot CD wouldn't go astray here.



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