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Windows XP SP2 Auto Download

By germain ·
Is anybody worried about the impact on Internet andwidth and WAN connections once XP desktops start downloading SP2 on Monday? I figre SP2 has to be more than 150mb, and my company has 25,000+ desktops. If only a few hundred are set up for auto download, it could cripple our network. Any thoughts?

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by TheChas In reply to Windows XP SP2 Auto Downl ...

You have 25000 desktops and do not have a patch roll-out strategy other than users running Windows update?

If so, you have more issues than bandwidth.

In ANY business environment, SP2 for XP should be a planned roll-out with testing done before ANY systems are updated!
A number of applications will need patches or replacement once SP2 is installed.

You will need a strategy for setting or disabling XP's "improved" firewall. By default, when SP2 is installed the firewall is enabled.

Users with auto-update enabled should have been installing SP2 this past week.

Now, you have a few options.

Start with Microsoft's download page.
There is a utility you can download to prevent Windows Update from selecting to install SP2.
A companion utility can be run to enable the installation of SP2 when you are ready.

There is a download available of the full SP2 package. It's 270+ MB.
You can download the full version and distribute it to save both bandwidth and time.

There are downloads with information on firewall settings, group policies, and a few other topics that should prove useful.

Personally, I would block access to Microsoft until you can roll-out the SP2 block utility.
Then, test SP 2 with your key applications.
Then, devise a roll-out strategy.


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Thank you, Chas

by pctech In reply to Options

The advice you gave is sound and should be followed. I have already disabled the automatic updates feature on our clients XP systems. The roll out will be done once we have tested systems in our shop and learn what the "gotchas " are. Peer-to-peer networks are definitely going to be in for a surprise. " Hey! Where did Computer1 go?!".

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by germain In reply to Options

I did mean to indicate that there was no patch mangement strategy, just that if only a few hundred of the 25,000 were configured for auto download, the impact would be significant.

I completely agree with the rest of what you stated.

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SP 2 Download

by Andy H In reply to Windows XP SP2 Auto Downl ...

At this point I cannot hesitate to reccommend that you use an internal patch management system, SUS being quite effective. After all the impact of XP SP2 needs to be tested before entering a corporate environment. My own testing has identified some major issues with AV compatability and potentially some user training issues. I would not even think about allowing my clients to be updated with a major operating system revision without extensive testing, regardless of the security benefits.

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