Windows xp sp2 boot problems after power outage

By ciw65 ·
At work this morning while the office admin guy was using his pc as per normal, we copped a power outage for 10 sec or so. the other 2 pc's booted up again fine, but his won't boot past the xp loading screen ( you know the one with the pretty blue bar running across the screen). It sits on that screen like it's booting up normally, then when it goes blank like it's going to desktop, that's it, just blank. No HDD light flashing either. Now for the weird bit. When you hit the restart button and boot up in safe mode, voila, all the way to desktop and you can run programs with no problems (MYOB as an example). As I only had a chance for a quick look, I haven't really dug around in event viewer etc. Any ideas???

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by drewgtr3 In reply to Windows xp sp2 boot probl ...

Try running chkdsk via recovery console and that should fix the problem if its not hardware related failure.

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Thanks for your help, but you wouldn't believe......

by ciw65 In reply to Chkdsk

Thanks for your reply Drew, I appreciate the help as some days I get so snowed under I think my brain goes on strike. Anyway, had a look this morning at the problem pc, boot up in safe mode and thought ok start with the basics, event viewer. About 6 error logs in a row all to do with tcpip, netbios, netbit, etc. It said all were boot up or system start problems, and I looked at it with somewhat disbelief, then the penny dropped. This pc is the office "server" as well in so much as all internet traffic passes through it via network. (Yes I know not good, but that's how it was when I arrived and the boss is still pc-phobic). So I cast a glance at the ADSL modem and find only 1 green light and an amber one blinking. Bingo I thought, modem got spiked and fried internally. So I turn it off, unplug it and announce that it's dead and he needs to give me some $$ to go get a modem router (kill 2 birds with one stone huh). As we live in a country town with 2 computer shops, well 1 and a repair business of dubious repute. No modem router setups in stock. Damn. Back to work with the bad news. Grumbling and mumbling from the bosses direction about bloody useless computers etc, and i decide to plug it all back together til I can get the gear tomorrow.... hopefully. Had a brain fade and turned everything on at the power outlet, and you wouldn't believe, the modem lights up like christmas, all green. I just stared at the bloody thing, cursing quietly. Tried the pc, and voila, boots up like there was never a problem. And I still have NO idea what was wrong with the modem....... Just one of those things I guess. hope this puts a grin on your face. Again thanks for your input.

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by drewgtr3 In reply to Thanks for your help, but ...

Man that sounds like one heck of a day lol. Worked out in the end though....good to hear!

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