Windows XP SP2 hangs at agpcpq.sys in safe mode

By schwar ·
I have a Dell Dimension 4700C with Windows XP SP2. I tried to boot this morning normally, but I received the XP splash screen and then it went black (no blinking cursor). I then tried safe mode, it hung at agpcpq.sys. Then I tried, last known good config. That WORKED!! I thought I was home free. Tried to reboot and same problem. Next, I tried the Windows XP Reinstallation CD from Dell. It looked like it was working until the screen said "Windows is starting" and froze at that point. I also reseated the RAM.

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice?

Thanks for listening!

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You need to wipe the drive first....

Then re-install Windows. You can use this to wipe your drive:
The free disk wipe is located at the bottom.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP SP2 hangs at a ...

as wiping the drive will not get you anywhere.

Run the BIOS update utility from DOS environment (Non-Windows users)

< add a bit >

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And if the above doesn't help

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows XP SP2 hangs at a ...

Get yourself a copy of th Ultimate Boot CD from here

Place the CD into the Optical Drive and boot the computer. You will see a Non Windows Menu and you can select different testing utilities start off with the HDD and CPU Tests nd then do a Memory Test. If you still don't have any problems you can retry the Dell Recovery Disc. But you should be aware that this reinstalls the OS so you need a full System Data & Settings Backup before you start using the Recovery Disc as you'll loose everything that you had on the computer.


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RE: Windows XP SP2 hangs at agpcpq.sys in safe mode

by riverab In reply to Windows XP SP2 hangs at a ...

It sounds like a problem with the video card driver. If your computer has a built in video card and a card in a slot, you may want to disable the agp card (built in or slot) to see if the computer boots.

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Wiping the Drive isn't the Whole Answer

by Cappii In reply to Windows XP SP2 hangs at a ...

Although it's a good place to start. Here's what I did:

I installed ubuntu from the alternate CD. From there, it went straight into recovery mode. This allowed me to run the following command "Sudo fsck -f" It took quite a while, and I had to basically hold down "y" to fix the drive errors. One it went through, it ran fsck again, with no errors and rebooted into Ubuntu. I was able to re-install Windows from that point, then update the BIOS, which may or may not have been necessary. Worked well for me, after hours of troubleshooting, and trying to install new drivers via MiniXP. Hope this helps.

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