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    Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!


    by joanne ·

    Can someone please help me?

    I was having errors in Internet explorer 6 with some pages (nothing major) on windows xp professional & microsoft site told me to download SP2. Did this and then internet explorer wouldn’t launch at all. Did various suggestions found on the net and ended up downloading Internet explorer 7 and subsequently all the patches I found. Still no joy, it doesn’t work. Just hangs. I’ve tried resetting through internet options, starting with about:blank, reloading etc all to no avail. Can anyone suggest another solution as I’d like to get internet explorer back. Don’t like this msn explorer but it has saved the day.

    Appreciate any suggestions.


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      by joanne ·

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      Your Problem

      by maetaris ·

      In reply to Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!

      Here try this if you go to add or remove programs you should be able to go down the list and find any and all of the Internet explorers you have start by uninstall all of them. I do belive there will only be one ((IE 7)) but just look to make sure.

      After uninstallinging it/them I think it might go back to the factory defult, if not what you can do then is just re download IE again using you MSN explorer. That should fix the problem. I think the IE 6 is still up for grabs at the MS website so you might be lucky and get that back..

      If worse comes to worse back all your important files up stick you copy of XP in and do a system repair that should defantly fix it

      Hope this helps

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      To Clairfy:

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!

      Your symptom is that IE7 hangs when you try to launch it?

      Couple of thoughts:

      1) Got a Virus? Have you scanned for virus/spyware and are you sure you are not infected?

      2) Start Windows in safe mode, see if it works.

      3) Look in your Event Viewer and see if there are application errors in the logs.

      4) Delete all temporary files and run the Windows disk check tool to rule out disk problems.

      5) if you are running system restore, do a system restore back to a date prior to the date when the trouble started.

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      Got Toolbars?

      by bincarnato ·

      In reply to Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!

      Try starting IE 7 with add-ons disabled. If you have the IE7 icon on your desktop, you can right-click on it and choose the start with add-ons disabled. If not on desktop, then click on Start, All Programs, Accesories, System Tools. There should be a shortcut in there to start with add-ons disabled. If IE7 start successfully, then you need to uninstall or update any toolbars or add-ons, like flash.

      Other things, do you have a firewall installed? Is it blocking internet explorer?

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      You’re not going to like this

      by nepenthe0 ·

      In reply to Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!

      Joanne –

      The only way I know to reinstall IE6 is to reinstall Windows XP SP2. I also prefer IE6, because I resent IE7 forcing 3 toolbars upon me – I can customize IE6 so that all requisite commands are consolidated in a single toolbar.

      Microsoft has ostensibly posted a [i]fix[/i] for you:

      but you may not be able to make it work.

      Curiously, IE6 is still [i]supported[/i] by Microsoft, although no longer posted. I cannot find it anywhere on the web. Just before Microsoft yanked SP3 from the website (Apr. 29th), I downloaded it and installed it, and IE6 ran perfectly.

      There is an excellent backup utility called Norton Ghost (Symantec) which will create an [i]image[/i] of your hard drive to an external HD or removable media. I force myself to run Ghost when everything’s working perfectly, so that, when disaster strikes (as you see, that happens), you can quickly recover a working configuration.

      If you are determined to reinstall IE6, and Microsoft [i]solution[/i] gets you nowhere:

      1) Run the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard to archive all your settings, and save to a USB flash drive, external HD, or CD

      2) Back up all your personal data to a USB flash drive, external HD, or CD

      3) Reformat the internal HD if possible (a utility such as Partition Magic can do this).

      4) Do a [i]clean[/i] reinstallation of Windows XP SP2 from the installation CDs

      5) Reinstall all your applications.

      6) Run the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard in reverse to restore your settings and tweaks

      7) Restore your data files.

      8) Now that you’re mad as hell, go online to Symantec and order Norton Ghost. External hard drives run ~$120 for 250 GB capacity:

      They are worth their weight in gold when you wish to circumvent steps 1 through 8. With the Ghost disc, one can rewrite the internal HD 1-2 GB/min (usually less than 20 minutes to accomplish a perfect recovery).

      Hope this helps.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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        I don’t know why she should have to do a complete…

        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to You’re not going to like this

        and fresh XP install. IE 6 can be added from withing Add Remove Programs\Add Windows Components without having to reinstall the OS.

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      Try this…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to Windows xp sp2 & internet explorer 7 – help needed!

      First, if you don’t already have it go get Firefox.

      Also, go get cCleaner:

      After you have installed Firefox (in order to have a browser while IE is not functioning) and cCleaner, try the following:

      Using Add Remove Programs uninstall every instance of Internet Explorer that is displayed in the Installed Programs dialogue. After uninstalling, run cCleaner to remove excess IE registry entries. You will need to closely peruse the results displayed after checking for errors and only allow removal of entries related to Internet Explorer.

      After completing the above, reboot into Safe Mode and do a virus scan with fully updated antivirus files, and if you have Spybot and/or AdAware run them also with fully updated signature files. Perform a system defrag while you are in Safe Mode. It will go a lot faster.

      After finishing up in Safe Mode, reboot into Normal Mode. To reinstall IE6, click Start\Settings\Control Panel\Add Remove Programs. At the Add Remove Programs dialogue you should see at the left hand side of the window an option to Add Windows Components. Click on that. Scroll the options that display until you see Internet Explorer. Put a checkmark next to Internet Explorer, click apply, and Windows should install IE6.


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