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    Windows XP SP2


    by usdelice ·

    I have two issues. Fist of all I?m new here and I would like someone to help me out with my issues please. I have a dell dimension 3000 with sp2. The SP2 came with the computer. My HD that came with the dell crashed and I tried to run the recovery console fix but could not. helas! I have then decided to just go and by a new HD, so off I went. I have got a wd with more that 320 G space on it. I came home, removed the old drive and change the pins to Master, mounted it, inserted my Windows SP2 into the desktop and did a clean install of the window XP SP2

    First issue:

    I cannot see everything on my monitor. So I right click on my desktop, click on properties, choose the setting tab. Right there I could not move the screen resolution so I was kind frustrated, then the color quality said 16 bit, so I proceed to click on advanced. I click on the monitor tab and the monitor type did not show plug and play info and the properties icon cannot be clicked on. It was gray out. Therefore, I clicked on the adapter tab and there I have not information whatsoever concerning the adapter. Everything said <>. I then clicked on list all modes. There I could see several choices and I tried each one of them. Nada, nothing, sometime it is too big, sometime it is too small.

    How can I put the resolution of my dell back to 32 Bit and be able to see everything on my screen?

    Second issue:

    The clean install was done and I went in <> computer just to be sure that everything is fine before start putting my files on it and guess what? I needed to reinstall the Ethernet, the Video card, and audio controller but I cannot see them on the window XP SP2 nor on my drivers and utilities cd that came with the computer.

    Does anybody know where to find to files on these CD?s? I am sure there on it but for some reason the computer could not find them. Please, please.

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      by usdelice ·

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      After installing XP you MUST install drivers …

      by older mycroft ·

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      That is where all your current problems are coming from.

      #1 The problems you are having with your screen resolution are because you have not installed the motherboard / chipset drivers for your particular machine.

      #2 The problems for your “[i]Ethernet, the Video card, and audio controller[/i]” are also because you haven’t installed the appropriate drivers yet.

      I’m not that familiar with the DELL computer family but I assume they must supply you with a DRIVERS disc alongside the installer disc for the Operating System.

      Have you tried accessing the DRIVERS disc from inside your present operating system (using Windows Explorer) and double clicking on the driver files?

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        this issue is simple to resolve

        by effahid ·

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        You cant see the display settings because of a display driver which is not installed.
        Solution 1) All you need to do is download all the drivers from dell’s website. YOu need the service tag for your computer.

        Look at the back of the pc, ( or on sides) there will be a white sticker with service tag printed on it ( should be 8 letters/digits)

        Then go to , go to support section, and then drivers. enter the service tag and it will show you all the drivers.

        solution 2) this is a bit tricky. if you dont have the service tag, open up the case and look closely at the motherboard. find the model number, google it and find the drivers.


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        Windows XP SP2

        by usdelice ·

        In reply to After installing XP you MUST install drivers …

        Thank you Older. I was able to see the directory of the drivers on the cd but I cannot determine which file is for what. Should I just run all the exe files from that disk then? If i could just go online this would have been easier, i can’t. The Ethernet card is not working. Can I just add a wireless card to the Dell and try to go online? I have the driver that came with the wireless card, I can then intall the driver and use the wireless to go on

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      Well with all of the Dells that I have ever worked on they

      by oh smeg ·

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      Supply 2 Disc’s. One is the Install Disc for the OS and the other is the driver Disc. The Driver Disc has all of the drivers for your OS for that Model Computer on it so there is a bit of digging around to get the one that you need for your computer.

      The Drivers on the Driver Disc are all Self Extracting .EXE Files to they extract to a predetermined location on your HDD and then they install themselves from there. With Dell this is generally the C:\Dell File where they will extract themselves to. You can access this Folder to rerun any required drivers if you chose not to install them when they are extracted.

      Failing that you can locate the Dell Drivers from their Web Site by either using the Service Tag that is supposed to be on the case or by the Model Number.

      If you use the Service Tag you will get the exact Drivers required for your system with the OS that came preinstalled. However if you have altered anything like the OS Loaded you can download all of the Drivers for your Model and your OS from Dell by searching for your Model Drivers

      A quick look for Dimension 3000 Driver located this Web Page with 88 Drivers for that Model.

      However you will have a sub model of the 3000 so you should enter your exact model and narrow down the search.


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