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Windows XP sp4?

By local support ·
You can buy a pc with Windows XP sp3 preinstalled.

It seems however that sp3 will retire in a year.

Will this be the end of security bug fixes for XP do you think?

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Although the official MS policy is ten years from release

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows XP sp4?

for such support, MS have already cut that short a couple of times and would now seem to be two or three years after the release of the replacement OS. Or on the release date of the replacement's replacement. Your guess is as good as anyone else's until it actually stops.

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Extended Support Phase

by TheChas In reply to Windows XP sp4?

Actually, were XP still in the "regular" support phase, SP2 would be fully retired in less than a year.

Just after SP3 was released, XP entered the "Extended Support" phase. That means only "critical" security patches will be released for XP until all support is retired on April 8th 2014.

There will not be a service pack 4 for XP. Nor, should you expect any "bug" or feature fixes.


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Thanks for your advice

by local support In reply to Extended Support Phase

If we can get critical security updates till 2014 on sp3, we can take my wifes laptop offline by then and perhaps use it as a stand alone.

I am not planning right now to teach her vista, since i don't know it myself.

// Local

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Life cykle of MS product

by local support In reply to Thanks for your advice

MS has lots of tables for life span of applications an operatin systems. also for critical support. i had difficulty reading and understanding them tables.

// Local

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It is Difficult to find the Right Details

by TheChas In reply to Life cykle of MS product

Yes, it is a joy to track down the support life for Microsoft products.

Windows XP is in the Extended Support phase. That means that only "critical" security patches will be published and available.

As we observed toward the end of support for Windows 98, many patches that were rated as critical for XP were given a lower rating for Windows 98 so that Microsoft did not need to patch that code.

If you need a new PC right now, try and make sure that it comes with a free Windows 7 upgrade. If not, you have until July 7th to pre-order Windows 7 upgrade at a reduced price.

If you have spare hardware or at least a spare hard drive, you could download the Windows 7 Release Candidate and work with it. That way, you will have some experience to work from.


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Patches, attack vectors, buffer overruns, FUs

by local support In reply to It is Difficult to find t ...

Patches are released when they affect vast majority of private or corporate users.

critical means the security hole will be known and an attack vector.

we have not decided make and model, so we will not purchase in the next few weeks. We have to feel around first.

And I have to choose and learn the router.

You are right about the printer, it's gonna be a headache (for me)

Thanks Chas


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Sorry for not having been present the last weeks

by local support In reply to Windows XP sp4?

I am a retired home user, Win XP Home sp2.
I am not interested in new features, just in the critical security updates. (Before installing sp 3, it is recommended you back up completely, i hav only backed up the most essential.

My wife wants a laptop with win xp sp3 preinstalled and ms office. i am in favor of this as long as she can get the critical updates.

// Local

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Windows 7 might be an alternative

by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to Windows XP sp4?


Windows 7 is supposed to be released this autumn. If you can wait, and use what you already got, for a couple of months. Windows 7 Home Premium might be the thing.

MS has taken away unnecessary stuff from Vista, made it faster and it is said to be less hungry for memory.

When you will be able to get it preinstalled as an OEM on a brand new laptop I don't know.

If you buy Win xp sp3 right now, and try to upgrade to Win 7, you will probably encounter some problems.(drivers etc.)

If I had the time, I would like to wait for Win 7 SP1

Good Luck

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The mississ wants a flashy laptop bad and right now

by local support In reply to Windows 7 might be an alt ...

Whatever make, model , operative and applications she chooses, it is me hwo will have to support her and the whole thing. And she can be impatient., and wants everything to work in a snap.

Wista and Win 7 i do not know. She also wants wireless, dont know that either.

Thankful for any feedback.


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by santeewelding In reply to The mississ wants a flash ...

Between a rock and a hard place, dude; of your making and hers.

Good luck.

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