Windows XP Spool Service Problem

By RayFoxxe ·
Running on Windows XP Pro SP3

Seems the spool service on one computer isn't working. It's using an old HP LaserJet 1020 printer. It's properly installed on the computer and the printer itself has no problem and it was working fine on the computer unit and also with the other people connecting to the printer from the network. But just a few days later, the computer brings up a message after startup which says "Error the Print Spooler service has stopped." and since then, no one could print, not even the unit itself where the printer is installed could print.

Is there a way to repair the Spool Service? I've read a few articles about how to fix the spoolsv.exe but it's still not working, the spool service doesn't run automatically when you startup the system and you would need to get into Command Prompt and type the spool start command (net start spooler). But even doing that, the spool service shows up the same error warning.

Any suggestions? Can the spool service be reinstalled or something?

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Stop the spooler service (services.msc)

by Kenone In reply to Windows XP Spool Service ...

Clear the spooler (C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS) and then restart the spooler service.

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Reinstall the printer.

by asteffen In reply to Windows XP Spool Service ...

Had a similar problem with our home computer. Tried stop/starting the spooler - didn't help. Eventually, we reinstalled the printer as if it were a new device. That worked for us. Good luck!

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Windows XP Spooler Error

by ashily24dee In reply to Windows XP Spool Service ...


Go to Start / Run and type in "services.msc" without quotation marks, then press Enter or click OK.

In the window that opens (Services) look for "Print Spooler" on the right

Right-click "Print Spooler" and select "Properties".

Click on the "Recovery" tab and change all 3 drop-down boxes to "Restart The Service".

Make sure the 2 text boxes underneath say "1" in them.

Click Ok until you are back at the Services window, close it and you're good to go.

Go back into the properties of the "Print Spooler" tab and be sure to click Start to restart the Print Spooler service and it will restart the service immediately.

The Print spooler depends on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. Is this service disabled? Go to services.msc look for RPC. Check state: Automatic

Hope this information helps you.

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