Windows XP Stop Error - Installation

By emmykal2000 ·
I have been experiencing rather a difficult kind of situation.
I have a Compaq Presario clone laptop computer that has been running perfectly. As i was working, it restarted on its own and the next thing it was showing me was the BSOD...Memory Dump. I tried to repair XP, but to no avail.
I formatted the HDD, tried a new XP installation but still no progress. I installed Win 98 SE, it worked!!!
What is strange is that,I can perfectly install Windows 98 and it is running well. But for Windows 2000 and above, it is showing the BSOD.

It is showing the FAILED TO READ PAGE ERROR.

Before it crashed, i had mounted an image to the DVD RAM drive ( can this contribute to the problem??)

Please help, i will really appreciate any assistance that will come forth.

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When things like this happen it generally means

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP Stop Error - ...

That some of the hardware is incompatible with the version of XP that you where installing though a latter version may work perfectly.

So for instance if you where attempting to do a Repair Install with XP SP1 and the computer was previously running XP SP2 you could have problems installing the software.

However if you are using the original Recovery CD it should work without a problem so if that is what you are doing I wold be looking for some Damaged RAM which is either no longer fully working or if you have more than 1 stick fitted and they are different makes you could be hitting a timing issue with the different brands of RAM fitted.

I would suggest that you get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and run some diagnostics which is available for download here


and when you have a CD Made you can boot off that and run some Diagnostic Tests on all the fitted Hardware.

It would also help to have a live Linux Handy and test to see if this NB will load that and run without problems. You can download one of the many available Live Linux's from here though Knoppix would probably be your best option but if you want something smaller and fast Puppy will work quite nicely but unlike Knoppix it is not of any use as a Windows Repair Tool



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