Windows XP stops getting IP address after updates and reboot

By Freebird052 ·
I have a couple of computers at two diferent client sites that will not obtain an IP address from the dhcp server since they got windows updates and rebooted .. the last one just happen today. I can assign a static ip and the computers will work with no problems.
Any Ideas?

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Is the XP machine at least getting an APIPA address of 169.254.x.x ?

by ManiacMan In reply to Windows XP stops getting ...

Run an ipconfig /all on the machine and see what IP it's getting when you have it set to automatically obtain an address. If it's getting an APIPA address, such as 169.254.x.x then something is wrong with your DHCP server, which would explain why the machines aren't getting their IP addresses. Also, try to do an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew on the XP machines to force a DHCP discover. If it still doesn't work, check your DHCP server as something is probably wrong on that end.

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Not the DHCP Server

by Freebird052 In reply to Is the XP machine at leas ...

Yes they get the 169.254.x.x ip. Have done the ipconfig /release and renew.
There are multiple computers in each location. Do not have any problems with DHCP on other computers. So its not that I feel there is something in the updates that on perticular systems causes them not to be able to obtain an ip.

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Is the DHCP server on different subnet than the XP machines?

by ManiacMan In reply to Not the DHCP Server

Also, are you using vlans on layer 3 switches? I'm suspecting the DHCP broadcast isn't making its way to those XP machines. Router issues perhaps stopping bootp relaying? Do you have a cheap broadband router that you can connect directly to the XP machine to see if it can get a DHCP assigned address that way? If the XP machine can get a DHCP address from the broadband router and not your DHCP server, then your problem lies in the network somewhere and is preventing DHCP broadcasts from being relayed to your XP machines.

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Check DHCP service

by asgr86 In reply to Is the DHCP server on dif ...

i think you should be checking if the DHCP and DNS client services are running, and then try to reinstall the LAN Card Drivers, that should make them work.

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DHCP and DNS ok

by Freebird052 In reply to Check DHCP service

Did all that on the first one.
also ..checked services on the one today
all is ok.
All was working with no problems up to the reboot from automatic updates from microsoft.
I did all the usual troubleshooting steps.
from removing drivers to winsock reinstall.
nothing works.
again I say if the ip including the DNS entries are entered manually all works like a charm.

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I've seen something like this on a Sonicwall that ran out of licenses

by ManiacMan In reply to DHCP and DNS ok

Would you be able to tell us which updates were applied? I've honestly never seen this, but if the new updates included new lan drivers which don't work too well with your NIC's BIOS, then that may be the problem. Can you try rolling back the drivers? Also, you really should have automatic updates disabled on a corporate LAN and push updates down using a SUS server and Group Policies so that you can control and monitor what gets installed on the PCs'.

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No domain just a workgroup

by Freebird052 In reply to I've seen something like ...

Unfortunately this is not a Domain. They are running "yes I know" Workgroup. I tried rolling drivers back .. pretty much everything that you would normally do with this situtation.
thanks for the help

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Same problem here

by ALPHAGEEK72 In reply to DHCP and DNS ok

I am having the same problem today (Jan 10).

Static IP works fine, DHCP is not working. I can ping the server if I manually configure the machines.

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