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    windows xp system freezes


    by it2md ·

    i reimaged my pc from the restore disk…
    win xp home edition…


    i installed sp2 in safe mode….


    i installed sp3


    i installed the compaq usb c3-1000 printer driver…


    i installed usb 2.0 controller driver…


    if i try to access my flashdrives, the system freezes…

    i tried to use the cd-rom to install office 2000…

    it freezes the system as soon as the cd-rom starts to spin…

    and i tried to install office in safemode, it wouldn’t let me…

    so what is going on…any suggestions…

    oh when i first did the reimageing, it was because i accidently started to reimage the drive without a backup…so i cancelled it after 6% had already completed…well, i soon realized that it was 6% to late…as i couldn’t start anything…so i restarted the reimaging without the backup…don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not, but it’s kinda annoying that i cant install anything else without the system freezing….

    so any help would be appreciated….



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      by it2md ·

      In reply to windows xp system freezes


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      This may sound stupid but…

      by jiminpa ·

      In reply to windows xp system freezes

      I had a similar issue with 2 different Dell’s. The thing that fixed my issue was, After I reimaged it again, I loaded my USB controller driver first. A friend had suggested that to me. For me that did the trick.

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      Umm – what’s with the Safe Mode addiction ?…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to windows xp system freezes

      Where did you get the idea that installing programs can be achieved while in Safe Mode?

      Are you aware that when a computer boots to Safe Mode, the majority of the operating system including most of the system drivers has NOT been loaded and is not active in memory.

      So, effectively some of the drivers that the installation routine will be relying on, WON’T be available.

      Also, system driver modules should have been installed BEFORE adding Service Pack 3 to the mix.

      I can only imagine what kind of operating system your machine has at the moment – whatever it is, it is NOT complete and that is why it is faltering.

      I’d start again from scratch, leaving SP3 until you have every system driver installed and checked that it’s working properly.

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      Safe Mode!

      by computercookie ·

      In reply to windows xp system freezes

      What do you think Safe Mode is?
      Safe Mode does not permit “Windows Installer” to run.

      Use your disk to start again, ensure there are no driver problems, however there should be no problems if you are using the factory disk.

      To do this look in Device Manager for any conflicts.

      Then Defrag your Computer a couple of times, Load SP2
      Check for driver conflicts
      Run Defrag couple of times again
      Load SP3
      Check for driver conflicts
      Run Defrag couple of times again
      Then Load your Printer Software
      Check for driver updates
      Then Load Office
      Run Defrag couple of times again

      Any queries post back


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      ok…re-reimaging computer this weekend!…

      by it2md ·

      In reply to windows xp system freezes

      thanks to all of you for your responses…

      thanks for the suggestion; i’ll keep it in mind when i re-reimage the pc…

      OldMycroft and ComputerCookie…
      actually, i got the ‘idea’ from microsoft’s own update center; it said that while it doesn’t recommend installing sp2 in safe mode, it can be done, if that’s the ONLY option (and it was the ONLY option when i installed sp2-the pc would freeze during normal boot)…

      Jimmy-Jam, OldMycrost, and ComputerCookie,
      i am going to take my time, and all of y’alls advice and ‘re-reimage’ the pc again…

      in preparation, i am going to print out this thread, and take my time and do this properly…

      for now, the only question is have before i start, is what is the best site to download the system/hardware drivers from…would it be good old microsoft or would it be the computer manufacturer’s site (by the way, it’s a compaq presario 5310us)

      once again, thanks for all your responses, help, and suggestions; i’ll keep y’all posted…and i’ll be back if i run into any problems!


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        Drivers for a compaq presario will most likely be found …

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to ok…re-reimaging computer this weekend!…

        On any HewlettPackard site that you have access to (meaning whichever geographical one the search engine takes you to).

        This is because [b]HP[/b] now owns the [b][i]Compaq[/b][/i] brand of computers. 🙂

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