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Windows XP takes a long time to shutdown.

By Ricky RiK ·
Hello, i have a user that's having a problem when she shutdown her PC for the day. It takes about 5 to 8 mins just to shutdown. What i've done so far is to delete all files in the prefecth folder, delete temp files under her profile. I even created a batch process that would do this everytime she login. I've also check under local security policy to see if windows was enable to clear virtual cache before shutdown but this was disable. I've also check her startup under msconfig there's nothing there that shouldn't be there. Also terminal services is set to manual,so this is not causing the PC to hang. If anyone has any suggestion, this would be grately appreciated. thanks in advance.


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RE: Long shutdown

by DugaDugDug In reply to Windows XP takes a long t ...

It is very difficult to answer this question without knowing what kind of software is installed but here are some thoughts/questions.

What if you logged on the machine and then shut it down, does it still take 5-8 mins to shutdown? If so, does the same thing happen if you boot and shutdown in safe mode? After the system is restarted, are there any 'clues' in the error logs? Is XP SP2 installed? How about Roxio's Eacy CD Creator, if so which version? Does the system have the Nvidia Driver Helper Service? Have you verified that the hardware listed in the device manager is what's actually on the system?

Cheers !

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Long shutdown

by Ricky RiK In reply to RE: Long shutdown

If i just login to the system and then choose to shutdown like within the next five minutes everything is fine. What i think it is, is some service still running in the background while the system is trying to shutdown. I'm able to hit ctrl+alt+del but i don't really see any processes that shouldn't be there that's still running. The system is a windows xp, sp2, it's does not have the Roxio software installed. No Nvidia Driver, just a generic driver. Any thoughts let me know. Thanks.

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RE: Long Shutdown

by DugaDugDug In reply to Long shutdown

Maybe the following link can help:

Also, you might want to go to MSKB and run UPHClean as this can resolve some issues with Win2K/XP slow shutdowns.**2-4E18-B570-42470E2F3582&displaylang=en

Perhaps the following can help the user until the problem is resolved: <--I am assuming of course that this tool can quickly shutdown unresponsive services.

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Resolution for long shutdown process for xp.

by Pcs365.8 In reply to Windows XP takes a long t ...

This problem occurs because of an issue with the Microsoft Windows XP audio service.

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Windows XP.

To determine which service pack is currently installed on your computer, follow these steps:
Click Start, and then click Run.

Copy and paste, or type the following command and then click OK:

A dialog box displays the version of Windows and the service pack that is currently installed on your computer.

How to obtain Windows Service Pack 3
There are three ways to obtain the latest service pack:

You can turn on Automatic Updates so that your computer downloads the latest service pack automatically.

You can download the service pack manually online.
You can order the service pack on a CD.

Turn on Automatic Updates

The best way to obtain Windows XP SP3 is to turn on the Automatic Updates feature in Windows XP. To turn on the Automatic Updates feature, follow these steps:
Click Start, and then click Run.
Copy and paste, or type the following command, and then press ENTER:

Click the Automatic Updates tab, and then

click to select one of the three options. We recommend that you select the Automatic (recommended) option, and then choose the time that you want under Automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them.

Click OK.

After you turn on Automatic Updates, your computer can start to download updates automatically.

Download the service pack manually
You can use Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Center to obtain Windows XP SP3 online.

Check for updates on Windows Update

To check for updates on Windows Update, follow these steps:
Visit the following Microsoft Web site: (
Click Express (Recommended).

If your computer is up to date, Windows XP SP3 will be one of the updates that is automatically selected. Click Install. If your computer is not up to date, Windows Update will offer some other updates that you have to install first. Install those, and then repeat steps 1 and 2 to obtain Windows XP SP3.

For Windows XP SP3, review and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.
Windows XP SP3 will be downloaded to your computer, and the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Setup Wizard will help you install it.

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