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Windows XP Title Bars and IE Browser Missing Content

By alcaloid90 ·

I have recently started having a problem with Windows XP SP 3 where after a while of being in my computer, the IE browser will not display the content of the website I am in correctly. Like all the letters are set to a side sometimes, or some of the pictures are gone.

Also, the complete title bar does not display on the windows that I have open. The letters seem to disappear from the active title bar, and it's just annoying. I can't post any pictures in these posts so you can see what I'm talking about, but hopefully someone will have an idea of what is going on here.

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Try this for a start

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP Title Bars and ...

<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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If you are

by Jacky Howe In reply to Try this for a start

using any form of outlook you can check this setting.
Open Outlook
On the File Menu select Tools, Options, Security and select <i>Change Automatic Download Settings</i> then uncheck <i>Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail</i>

<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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You DO understand, don't you.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Windows XP Title Bars and ...

... that web site developers can control nearly all of the portions of the browser window that you are able to see? For example, they can make the words in the Title Bar partially disappear, they can turn on/off the optional toolbars (file, edit, view words are now an optional toolbar), they can align the letters on the page all to one side and they can even make pictures 'disappear'. It's all in the coding used to create the web page.

That being said, we wouldn't know if it is a problem with your system or a problem with the design of the page unless you give us a few example pages (URL's) to look at ourselves.

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Tech Support < IT Consultant

by peter.jenkins2006 In reply to Windows XP Title Bars and ...

"Tech Support" people need to get a brain - this 'new feature' has nothing to do with "You do know that ..." Web Developers can completely control the content of a web page. I know that because I am a software engineer with more than 20 years experience : C, C++, C#, VB, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and the rest of the alphabet!

This is a major new bug probably in the OS, or a new undetected virus - I am also using XP (media edition) on a Toshiba Laptop, 2 GB RAM, Dual Core CPU, all the latest Service Packs, patches, etc. No new applications installed in over a year. This behavior started 2 days ago for me.

This issue has nothing to do with Web Developers control of the page, or enabling pictures in IE Advanced Settings.

Here is a better description of the issue. After several hours of use, text and pictures that were previously visible in the browser simply disappear, leaving behind only a few lines (typically horizontal, but also a few vertical).

This is the case for both IE7 and FireFox (3.0.7), I typically have both open at the same time. I use FireFox without Flash (for reading), IE7 with Flash (mostly for youTube, BBC, Google video etc.)

In IE7 it typically occurs during a Window refresh as a consequence of scrolling. In FireFox it happens after changing tabs.

Once the behavior manifests itself, there are also adverse effects on:
1. Window Title Bars - all windows not just browsers, they completely disappear. Mousing over the min, max and close buttons, causes those buttons to reappear. The Window can still be moved by clicking on the Window Title Bar, even though it has disappeared and all you can see is the desktop. The Window-Menu still works even though you cannot see its content!
2. The text of drop down menus. The menus appear, but have no content, mousing over the menu items does not cause the text to appear, but the menu item can still be clicked on and selected.

The only current work around is to restart Windows. Seriously what kind of excrement is this? F'ing Micro$oft.

I might Install IE8 to see if that fixes it.


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I have a same problem

by pusham In reply to Tech Support < IT Consult ...

I already upgraded with IE8 but still have those problems, one thing i found was letters and icons disappear when plugging in a serial port cable to make a presentation. In addition if i continuosly shut down each application it has recovered. From your experience above and mine, my recent guess is that there are something wrong with refresh process in explorer. This can be due to damaged files by malicious spyware, which i am digging into it.
peter, do you have any progress yet?

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