Windows XP to Windows 7 Networking

By yagar ·
Customer had eight machines, one is a PC server serving one application that uses SQL. Recently they purchased three new machines replacing two work stations and the PC server. Everything works fine between the Win7 machines and the PC server. Originally I was unable to connect at all between the XP machines and the PC server. The tech's at the software company got them connected by logging on to the PC server and one work station remotely. That lasted one day. I went back in played around and hey started working. That lasted about one day. Now none of the XP machines will connect to the server. They can see the server in the network list but can not connect.

What am I missing?

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more information

by markp24 In reply to Windows XP to Windows 7 N ...

Sounds liek a credentials issue, are you loggging in locally or via a domain account.

does that account have rights to see the server shares?

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Reponse To Answer

by yagar In reply to more information

The network does not have a domain

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Also what OS is on the Server? NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows XP to Windows 7 N ...
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Win 7 Pro

by yagar In reply to Windows XP to Windows 7 N ...

The server is a PC server with WIndows 7 pro

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you are limited to on connections with using win7

by markp24 In reply to Windows XP to Windows 7 N ...

are you using the correct credentials (ie win7servername\localaccountonwin7server) when making the connection from a workstion to the server?

also just fyi
you are limited to 20 simultaneous connections using a workstation product (winxp/win7,etc) as a server.
(open About Windows by running winver command, and click to open Microsoft Software License Terms. Under 3. Additional Licensing Requirements And / Or Use Rights, )

so your not over that limit?

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It's a mute issue now

by yagar In reply to Windows XP to Windows 7 N ...

This is set up to be a simple Peer to Peer network. The same basic setup that has worked nearly flawless for over eight years in a complete XP environment. New machines have been added over the years with XP without any problems at all. The problem has come with adding Win7 machines to the network, a HUGE mistake, not of my doing. Had I been asked the new machines would have been XP and I would not be writing in this discussion.

Once again MS has screwed the public. They profess that this works, but many hours of searching the web had proven the opposite. From what I can gather networking works better if you buy the ultimate version of Win7, kind of dumb that it is not so with the pro version that is meant for business environment. Don't know this for sure just read it. Also Win 7 networking works much better with a Win 2008 server, can't see going there for the cost. So the bottom line is this, from my experience and all that I have read in five days of searching. Win7 to XP might work for you in some cases, but not all. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it will and when it won't. Some tweaks work for some folks while not working for others. I did read but did not try, that some folks are having luck with using IPX/SPX to connect with. The indication being there are problems in the TCP/IP stack between the different versions.

As this has been going on since last Friday in an operating office, I just returned from that office after installing Win7 on all the computers at a cost of over $550 for four copies of Win7, not to mention the cost of my time to do it. This was the customers choice, mine was to put the three new machines back to XP. When I left everything was up and running. Time will tell if it work as well as XP has in the past.

It is a real shame there is not another company that produces an operating system so you can tell MS to stick it where the sun does not shine. In every new operating system MS has come up with there has always been issues connecting the previous version to it. I have kept every one of my customers away from Win 7 and will continue to do so.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to It's a mute issue now

There are plenty of other operating systems. You just have to decide to change, and find one or more that work best for you.

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