Windows XP - Unexpectedly Hibernates

By taserrano ·
If I leave my HP Pavillon s7545a desktop computer idel for some time, around 20-30 minutes, the computer displays suddenly turns black. I assume, this meant that it goes on hibernate mode. So, disabled hibernate mode and set all the power settings to Never and yet, it still hibernates. Worse is that when I move the mouse or touch the keyboard, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour before the whole system is back on? What is wrong with my PC? Is it some hibernate mode setting I don't know about? Has it got anything to do with Norton firewall, internet security and antivirus setting? Or is it hardware related?

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There is only really one way to fault find here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP - Unexpectedly ...

Run a different OS and see if the problem persists if it does you have a Hardware Problem of some kind and if it doesn't you know that you have a software issue.

The easiest way to achieve this end is to use a Live Linux which loads and runs of a CD or DVD depending on which one you chose to get.

As I'm presuming that you are using some form of Windows I would suggest Knoppix as it is capable of being used to repair problems with Windows Partitions and can be a really useful tool. You can download a copy from here and then you'll need to know how to convert an ISO Image to a Bootable CD which will very depending on what CD Burning Software that you have.


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Try this

by jamesmondtan In reply to Windows XP - Unexpectedly ...

Check and makesure your hardisk space is not full, and also the RAM is enough. If your hardisk and RAM is enough, please update your antivirus and run full scan. After makesure there is clean from virus, do a defragment( if you want to ). And check the tempature of cpu, motherboard and vga.

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Thanks but got more info on the problem...

by taserrano In reply to Try this

Thanks Jamesmontand and HAL 9000 for your responses. But before anything else, I've got some additional info for you. I found out that I still had screen saver on which caused to mask a message from Windows. When I turned screen saver off, the next time it happened (e.g. after being idle for sometime) there was actualy a windows stop error message: KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR with STOP: 0x00000077 (0xC0000185, 0x0000185, 0x00000000, 0x01598000) and also a message that it was doing a physical dump of the memory.
What does this error message mean? And how do I get access to the physical memory dump to diagnose the problem? Please advise. Many thanks.

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That makes a big difference

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks but got more info ...

I'm actually surprised that it keeps running as the unit has performed a complete Memory Dump which means that everything loaded into RAM has been dumped this is everything that Windows Loads into Memory or Virtual Memory on Startup.

For an explanation of the Kernel Stack Inpage Error look here


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Thanks - it helped, somewhat

by taserrano In reply to That makes a big differen ...

Hi Col,

Thanks for the site. It stated that the problem was some sort of connection problem to the hard drive. So I was able to go to HP armed with documentation stating that they sold me a crap hardware. But HP said that the hard drive is not SCSI connected (as the error seems to imply) and therefore is most likely software related. And as I had expected, they asked me to reformat my PC. That seems to be the standard response by hardware vendors - it is not hardware, it must be the OS and so please reformat and reload. Oh well, i followed what they told me - do a full system recovery which reformatted my PC. And what do you know, the system recovery failed as it could not copy certain files. So HP will be sending me a System Recovery CD instead. In the meantime, I am forced to use my 7-year old crappy but reliable PC.


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Typical HP reasoning

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks - it helped, somew ...

I once rang them up to find out the default Display Adaptor Resolution on a Compaq NB only to be told to wipe and reinstall as the unit should be working which it was but the resolution was ramped up so high that the display was really crappy.

No matter what I asked they just insisted that a reload would cure the problem which it did but several hours to reload and update as apposed to maybe half a minute to reset the Default Screen Resolution was in my books a huge waste of time.

I knew what was wrong as I had been told that the screen resolution had been reset and they wanted it returned to the way it was when it came out of the box But the HP support staff didn't have that as an option on the screens in front of them so out of frustration I did as they said and wrote the default Screen resolutions down on the inside of the Manual and never had a problem again.

Talk about a massive waste of time & effort.


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by jamesmondtan In reply to Thanks but got more info ...

My gues is, 1. the RAM
2. virus

If desktop out of warranty, unplug the RAM and use "RUBBER" eraser to rush the connect side of the RAM.
If problem still same, try use latest updated antivirus to scan your pc.
Hope can help you.

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