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    Windows XP unusual used space on the c drive


    by demonjrules ·

    I have a windows XP pro machine that I built myself and I was re-installing windows and I noticed that on a 250gb hard drive had only 60 gb’s left after a new install of XP with sp2. Normally I would just google search how to fix this but I really don’t know how to put this problem into words. I have been using this machine installing all of my programs and I was wondering that if I cloned the hard drive using ghost or clonezilla that when I re-image that this would fix the problem. Thanks for all of your insight!

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      by demonjrules ·

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      I’m confused by the words of your question …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Are you saying a 250GB HDD only has 60GB left after a fresh install of XP? If so why would you want to Ghost an empty hard drive?

      If it is containing programs as well, how did you manage to do a fresh install of XP without first reformatting?

      Have you perhaps performed a second install and now have two installs of XP on the same disk?

      Perhaps the XP install partitioned 60GB out of the 250GB for the installation and the rest of the drive is, as yet, unallocated.

      You’ll have to be clearer as to what you want help with. 😉

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      by thechas ·

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      If all you did was reinstall XP, and you did not format the drive, we cannot tell you if the amount of unused disk space is correct ot not.

      Even though the fresh install of XP does not recognize your installed applications, the files are still there. As are your documents and any number of other files.

      It is possible that the new install of XP created a new user account and a number of files are duplicated.

      The big question here, is how much free space was there on the drive before you started the clean install?

      Now, if you partitioned or formatted the hard drive, the first thing to do is open Administrative Tools and then Computer Management. Click on disk manager and see what the details are for your hard drive.

      Does the full 250 GB show up?
      Or, is the active partition smaller and unallocated space is listed?

      Another issue if you did format the drive, is which distribution of XP do you have?
      The original or “gold” version of XP did not have full support for drives larger than 137 GB.

      If you did not format the drive, open Windows Explorer and see what is on your drive.
      I suspect that you are going to find large numbers of files and folders.


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