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    Windows xp usb devices not working


    by matman218 ·

    I have a desktop that runs XP but it used the older PS2 type connections for the mouse and keyboard. those connections recently stopped working, so i tried to use some usb devices. windows recognized that there were devises plugged in, but it said that i have to have the original XP disk, and I no longer have access to that disk, so i tried to restart. bad idea. now the computer will not get past the Welcome screen for i have no mouse and/or keyboard to get past it. What do/can I do?

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      by matman218 ·

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Another Copy of XP in the same form as you originally had.

      Your only other alternative is to replace the computer as the M’Board is failing and really needs replacing. If you buy a new computer you will be in a position to have a working system without any problems and you should be able to recover your existing data off the HDD by fitting it to a USB Caddy and reading it from there. Though if you have applied EFS and Password Protected the User Account you’ll need to Take Ownership of the Files and save the Encryption Key so that you can read your data again and not have a bunch of gibberish.


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      try these options

      by sreevatsamk ·

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      1. Boot the system in safe mode by pressing F8 during the boot process .

      2. Goto the BIOS and reset the settings .

      This may help u…

      Take care

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