Windows XP, USB Keyboard Problem

By darren.grears ·
I dont know if anyone has come across this but it has got the service guys on a premium rate number stumped.

I have a Wireless USB Keyboard and mouse as my computer doesn not have any PS/2 connections. For some unknow reason the keyboard has stopped working. The mouse works fine but nothing works on the keyboard except the following:

In the bios etc... the keyboard works fine

The hotkeys/shortcuts at the top of the keyboard work fine, but none of the rest of the keys work.

Num Lock seems to be locked on sometimes?

I dont know what anyone else thinks but it sounds crazy to me. Please Please anybody help because its driving me nuts

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Update your drivers

by NickNielsen In reply to Windows XP, USB Keyboard ...

If it works in BIOS setup, the system is seeing the keyboard. Any problems after that are most likely because of driver conflicts/outdated drivers.

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Check Drivers and other programs

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows XP, USB Keyboard ...

There may be a program either conflicting or controlling the keyboard, which may have disabled most keys.
As suggested, run the driver updates first. Afterwards, if it does not work, remove any programs which control hotkeys or keyboard remapping.

I once ran into a program which locked the keyboard until a password was typed. No keys appeared to work, but they were being registered and the program was looking for the correct PW to unlock.

Another thing to look at. On my wireless keyboard, a wireless light lights up whenever I type a key (from the USB side). Does this happen on yours?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Check Drivers and other p ...

scan for spyware/malware/virus.

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Same Problem

by andyflo In reply to Windows XP, USB Keyboard ...

I have also taken the wireless keyboard, receiver and mouse and put onto other computers and they work fine.

As Darren says, in BIOS everything works (so it's not hardware), but the millisecond Windows starts up, the keyboard keys die, but the multimedia keys work fine.

Darren, is your computer a Dell (mine is an Dimension 8400).

This has got me stumped bigtime, and is also driving me nuts.

Dell support did not even have the drivers.

Can anyone please explain how the keyboard is controlled???

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