Windows XP Userprofil problem

By gilly1 ·

I try a windows login on my notebook.

The Windows userprofil normally takes about 5 -10 minutes to load on my computer.

It's a Dell latitude d430-Notebook , OS Win XP SP2, used for meetings, without a network.

Is it possible to control the startproccesses with any tool or something.

I don't know why the notebook needs a lot of time to load the profil???

THX for your support

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How much memory do you have in your system?

Up the memory to at least 2 gb (if your computer can take it). This will give it a little boost.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Windows XP Userprofil

by gilly1 In reply to How much memory do you ha ...

The notebook has 1 GB Ram DDR 2 inside.

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Check your Startup items too

by IC-IT In reply to Windows XP Userprofil pro ...

On the right of the taskbar, before the clock, is the notification area. Sometimes when applications are installed they like to add an item to this area.
The problem is that that also indicates it is in your startup. A lot of items in the startup will greatly reduce the speed of the bootup.
You can use Msconfig to remove items from the startup or try Spybot Search and Destroy (advanced mode - tools - Startup) to either disable their start on boot or remove their startup option all togather.
The applications can still be launched when you need to.

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Check your 'Event Viewer' for signs of the delay ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows XP Userprofil pro ...

Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

If 'Administrative Tools' doesn't show in your Menu: right-click on you Start button, click on Properties, click on 'Customize' [in line with 'Start menu'], click the 'Advanced' tab, scroll down to the bottom of the Start Menu Items window, double-click on 'System Administrative Tools (if it is closed), mark one of the two options for where to show Administrative Tools.

Click OK, click Apply then click OK.

In Event Viewer you can open each category on the left pane and view the respective time line on the right pane.

Check both the Application and System time lines for anything related to the recent startup which may shed some light on why the machine has been taking those ten minutes to boot.

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by Baxenden In reply to Windows XP Userprofil pro ...

Use the free tool from Microsoft called Autoruns -

You can then identify what Programs are running on startup and disable them.

It's amazing what actually gets loaded at startup - nearly everything you install!! :-)

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