Windows XP w/ svs Pak 2 upgrade, not seeing my Netgear router; IP is Comcas

By Hopeton ·
January 10,2007 I received an update notice form Windows XP, I executed the update, which took over 30 minutes. When my computer was restarted, I was not able to connect to the internet using my Netgear Router WGT634v2. The update to Windows XP is unable to see/communicate with the Netgear router. I am able to hard wire the Netgear router to my computer and get the internet though.

I spent over 30 minutes with Neggear and each time I attempted to go to the netgear site to configure my wireless router by typing in the address provided by Netgear, my computer (Windows XP w/service pak 2) automatically takes the informaito in the address block and google it instead of connecting to the netgear link to fix my problem.

Can someone help me; I desire to resume my wireless connections.



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what update?

by CG IT In reply to Windows XP w/ svs Pak 2 u ...

If you have system retore turned on, restore to an earlier point and see if that fixes the problem.

Try and uninstall the update. open up add/remove updates, check the box at the top "show installed updates" find the update you installed and try and uninstall it.

Then Visit Windows Update, read the FAQ on how to choose "Don't show me this update again" so that you don't download it"

Report the problem to Microsoft.

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Netgear Router

by RRobles7999 In reply to Windows XP w/ svs Pak 2 u ...

I would check to see what updates you have on your machine from Microsoft. Then call Netgear and see if they support these updates.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows XP w/ svs Pak 2 u ...

If the system was fully patched MS hasn't issued any updates recently and certainly not one that would take that long to install. The most recent update was a definitions update for Windows Defender and was only a few hundred KB in length and that wasn't sent out on the 10-1-007 but a few days earlier.

It would be nice to know what you've actually installed as it doesn't sound quite right particularly the bit about entering the URL for the router and getting a goggle page which shouldn't be happening. I don't suppose that you've tried disconnecting the data feed into the router to see if you can get into it have you?

Anyway the System Restore is your best bet and as this is so close to the time of the supposed patch it should be an easy restore I just hope that you haven't had System Restore Turned off or that whatever it was that you installed on your computer didn't deactivate this Function of XP.

But as you should have been told by Netgear the problem isn't in the Router but in your computer and it's most likely killing off the WiFi connection and since you can hard wire the Computer to the router it is very likely to be something to do with the WiFi connection. Even if this was a genuine MS Update you'll need to check that the maker of your WiFi card supports this patch to XP as it's possible that it not supported and if you can not uninstal it which is true of many MS Patches you'll need to rebuild your system. You may get by with a Repair Install by following the directions here

Of you may get by with updating the Drivers for your WiFi card. If neither of these work and you can not uninstal the patch you'll need to save your data to some removable media and rebuild your System by wiping the HDD and doing a clean install. If you don't have a wiping utility Boot & Nuke is available from here


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