windows xp will NOT boot

By twanstall ·
Hi, ive been having various problems with the same samsung sata hd!

this time around windows xp will NOT boot at all! i get to screen thats says: start windows normally, last known good config & safe modes.

Ive tried all of these options only o find that the pc just reboots itself to go into this same screen!

so far i have used xp disc to do:
chkdsk /p (which found and repaired error)
none of these methods have helped at all!

all i have left to do is reset bios (shorting pins).

But i this doesnt work what should i do???

I bought the hd from pc world and hqave had it replaced 3 times already!

1st time was for this error message i have again. Second time was after it completely died (not found in bios)

amd 64 4000+
a8n32 sli dlx
nvidia 6800gt
amsung 250gd SATa HD

Any help much appreciated!!!


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Love to help

by Kiltie In reply to windows xp will NOT boot

Can you give details of why?

Any error messages will help, as well as a description of when this happens.

With some info, we'll all dive in


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No error messages

by twanstall In reply to Love to help


there are no error messages here!

Last night installed xp (new HD/fresh install), sp2 and some updates. Each time a restart was required it booted fine!

only since pc has been off over night, when i came to boot pc it wouldnt! just goes to that screen with safemodes, start normal and last known good config. Eachtime i select any of these options it just reboots and loads up same screen!

bios post is normal (no erors)


Thank You


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NO errors=no problem surely?

by Kiltie In reply to No error messages

I am not sure where you are having difficulty here, perhaps you could be more specific?

I have two suggestions.

Both these can be done from Safe mode, if you have problems booting.

Turn off Automatic restart on errors (that way you get to see any error messages)

To do that, open the System Properties menu, either by right clicking My Computer, select Properties or through the System applet in Control Panel

Click Advanced tab, in Startup and Recovery, click Settings, clear the Automatically Restart box.


Run a system file check in case any important files are corrupted.

Open a command prompt box (it's in Acessories) and type


Takes about 20 minutes to run and you will need your installation files.

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safemode no boot!

by twanstall In reply to NO errors=no problem sure ...

when i turn on pc i get screen saying:

windows start normally
last known config that worked
safemode with/without networking/cmd

when i choose any of these my pc just resets itself and loads up same screen!

with safe mode it starts displaying all things it is loading and after bout 5 secs just resets also!!!

As for bios - HD is seen!!

its u think i could have a compility issue here?

to throw another spanner in the works - in the 2 repacement HDS i have had i used to have a diff mobo the A8n SLI SE (HD broken twice!) now i have another asus the: A8n32 SLI dlx!!!

and since installed new o/s with NEW HD i cant this HD problem (which i i shud mention i had with other asus mobo the A8N SLI SE)

maybe the samsung HD arnt very good with Asus mobo????

Please help im nearing the end of a long voyage!!

Thank you Kiltie!

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by Kiltie In reply to safemode no boot!

Two more suggestions....

Try a reinstall in place, ie reinstall XP, but continue until you get an option to select an existing OS, then press "R" (ie NOT the first time it suggests it, much later on during setup)

See this link for details:

The other one assumes that you have malware that is causing a problem, try anyone of several FREE fixes, the first one is proactive, it stops anything getting in to start with.

This next one is one of the best recommended anti malware programs around

I use both, and quite a few more, but give it a go, see if any help

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Tom, try bootcfg ...

by ATTABOYSLIM In reply to No error messages

Start the system with the OS disk but select repair "R" at second option screen. When you reach the command mode in repair type bootcfg /scan. You will be given a list like :
[1] C:\Windows XP
[2] \Windows XP
as being the available operating systems and you'll naturally select the "C" drive as your choice. To be certain of the selections, type bootcfg /? for a list of options. Next, chkmbr and the fixmbr and this should correct the problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck.

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Do you really

by IC-IT In reply to Tom, try bootcfg ...

think this Zombie needed to be ressurected?

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While it could be a Compatibility Issue

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows xp will NOT boot

I doubt it very much. Have you asked the supplier if there are any known problems with the NVidia Chip Set ASUS M'Board that you have and the Samsung HDD's?

I would be making sure that the SATA data lead isn't working its way off the M'Board or HDD. Also make sure that the SATA Data lead is actually connected to the Socket 1 as described in the Users manual on Page 2-4 and not one of the other SATA sockets. You'll find a PDF copy of the users manual here

Also check on Page 2-20 that the BIOS jumper isn't set to the Clear position sometimes they are shipped this way to save Battery life that could account for you being able to load the system but after a shut down and a break it will not reboot.

I would suggest the Ultimate Boot CD to test the hardware available here for download

But if this is a new build I've never got an AMD system to work first time as I've always run into Compatibility Issues generally with the NVidia Chip Set M'Boards it's the Video Adaptor and M'Board but I would check everything and then start to run some tests. It's always possible that you have struck a batch of bad HDD's that is causing this problem.


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