Windows XP will not start from CD

By byd_rbn ·
I could not get Windows to start in: normal---last known configuration--safe mode. It has a message that something--power surge,outage--something--caused it to shut down improperly.It would flash the Gateway logo then Windows XP (briefly) and a blue screen in the background that vanishes so fast I can't see anything written on it. Just went through the same process over and over. No keys seemed to make any difference. I gave up and decided to re-install XP from the CD. I now have a blue screen that says "Windows XP Home Edition Setup" at the top and "Examining 38163 MB disk 0 Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi..." at the bottom.

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Blue screens usually

by ctrservices In reply to Windows XP will not start ...

indicate a hardware problem. If you feel comfortable inside the computer case, (and if you have more than one memory chip) remove first one chip and test the pc. If nothing, remove that and try the other chip and test.

Also, the power supply could possibly be a problem (plus a bunch of other things).

If you aren't comfortable inside the pc, I would suggest a finding a good pc repair person in your area.

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will check it

by byd_rbn In reply to Blue screens usually

I will check inside. But the standard screen for installing XP from a CD is blue. It's blue while it checks the hardware, it's blue while it loads all the files, then it goes to that "checking disc" stuff and there it stops.

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I had the same problem

by kal_lmn In reply to Windows XP will not start ...

A while back, i had the same exact thing happen. What I did was open the case up, disassemble most parts that werent bolted to the case (ie take off hd,cd-r,cables,etc) and gave everything a thorough cleaning. After that, i reassembled the computer, and let it sit overnight (dont know why, i just thought i'd give it a rest after hours of messing with then destroying it). I plugged it in the next day, and everything was fine. But then again, i didnt reinstall the OS, so it may be different for you, hope it works out.

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The plan

by byd_rbn In reply to I had the same problem

What we're going to do ("we" meaning I have some expert help) is copy the hard drive in hopes of being able to save some of what's on it and install a new hard drive. Install OS and I will have a new and clean system. Should be able to recover at least some of what's on the old one, if it's not too badly damaged. Thorough cleaning will be a part of the job. thanks for the tip.

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