windows xp wont boot

By zpursell ·
After power on, I get bios and memory check. Also checks video ram. Screen goes black just at time of Windows loading screen. I have changed power supply, reset cmos and changed video card. Anything left but bad motherboard? Every once in a while windows did load, but not anylonger.

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Have you tried a Live Linux Disc here?

by OH Smeg In reply to windows xp wont boot

It will allow you to test the Hardware without involving Windows.

If this loads OK you don't have a problem but if it doesn't load you need to look at the Hardware.

As you are not getting any messages about a Boot Failure it doesn't sound as if the HDD has suffered any damage but it is possible that the OS is corrupt and not going anywhere once the hardware switches to start loading it. Never the less you should run the HDD Makers Diagnostic Utility and check the HDD for correct function. You can get the HDD Makers Test Utility from here


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An extreme repair attempt...

by erichems In reply to windows xp wont boot

... would be an in-place reinstallation of your OS. I've had success doing this, but only after exhausting every other avenue.

Considering that you're not getting any error messages, this *might* be the avenue you need to take. More information on doing this can be found at

BUT, before you do this, can you provide us with more information (any error messages, beep codes, etc) that you note as you try to boot the system?

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extreme repair

by zpursell In reply to An extreme repair attempt ...

During boot up everything seems to be normal. I get a single short beep right away and then it goes through boot up all the way to the point where windows would start. There is a second short beep, the screen flashes like it's going to start end the goes blank. I put the HD in another computer and ran diagnostics. It reported clean.

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