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Windows xp wont boot

By webatch ·
Same situation as described by RG11. I was wondering what was learned in that case. BIOS chs.. then starts xp boot up but then if you pick any option other than the command prompt it just sequences back through startup loop. System will come up in DOS and all the files seem to be present. Prior to this situation I was getting an error BSOD. "PAGE_FAULT_NONPAGED_AREA" also had a couple of errors that referred to WIN32K.SYS but they flashed so fast that I couldnt read them.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows xp wont boot

Boot off the XP CD and do a Repair Install to repair corrupted system files.


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by cglrcng In reply to Windows xp wont boot

I am currently working on the 10th unit so far that has had the same problem including my own dual boot Win XP Home/Win98SE system since July 4th., 2004. All have been XP Home machines and all have had the reboot problem immediately following recent MS patch updates. 9 after the patch, 1 after the latest IE6 patch released yesterday. all but the current 1 had to be re-formatted completely and resulted in all data lost (not even mounting as a slave drive was the date seen).

1 thing noticed w/ all of them is an additional partition on the drive before the C Drive called (-: Partition1 in FAT32) which is different in size on each unit (from 6MB to 31 MB in size), but used space of the partition is 5-6 MB in size, the rest being free space. Could this actually be the NTBootLoader?

I have asked Chas for help in a private message concerning the possible test of a healthy XP Home system and am currently waiting to hear back from him about the results if he will help.

Do this though w/ any affected machine (1 stuck in that boot loop). Or any healthy XP Home Machine if you will please, and please report the results here. Run Recovery Console from the XP CD, choose the C:\Windows install (1), logon as Admin w/ the PW, then choose DISKPART (without switches or argument) and a partition table mgr. will show up.
See if it looks like the following; (though each drive will be different of course).

38171 MB Disk 0 on Bus 0 on atapi [MBR]
-: Partition1 [FAT] 31 MB < 26MB free>
C: Partition2 [NTFS] 38131 MB < 28439 MB free>
Unpartitioned space 8 MB

Question is about the 1st partition....Is this the NT Boot Loader? Or is this a Boot Virus that changed the MBR? Is it normal in WinXP? This particular machine is WinXP Home w/ the NTFS file system that is also affected by the reboot loop problem.


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by cglrcng In reply to

Removal of this partition on a dual boot system resulted in an error message of NTBootLoader.dll missing upon restart. Though a removal of the partition in FDISK using a WIN98SE ESU disk then Formatting of both the C:\Drive partition, then Formatting of the \Drive partition then reloading of both OS's and the rest on a reformat w/ no re-partitioning of the drive. That system was actually orig. setup via DOS w/ both OS's in FAT 32 due to the use of Win98SE as the other OS on \.

Together we may be able to solve this problem that is affecting many in XP Home-land. I have yet to see an XP Pro system w/ the problem.


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by cglrcng In reply to

I will personally award plenty of points to anyone who provides info that helps in this matter beyond plenty of thanks. These machines will not boot into Normal mode or Safe Mode, & will not re-install winXP and they won't run a proper dskchk.

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by cglrcng In reply to

Actually, I finally got into it in Safe Mode about the 50th time I tried (was told to keep trying and it finally does work),...the hang is after loading mup.sys (while in safe mode also updated my Video Driver just in case it was AGP.sys related as that is a file next in line beyond mup.sys). Was able to run Disk Dr. on it since I had previously installed NSW w/ util's., and it took about 4 hrs. but it fixed the disk problem I guess it had since it showed "security descriptor problems" using Disk Dr....Then ran a dskchk (am told either dskchk /r or dskchk /p will cure this problem also and it is Win update patch related. See;;en-us;315341&Product=winxp and;EN-US;314835 for more info. Updated the AV and beyond being loaded w/ spyware (though 1 item in particular has been found on each of 3 units affected so far)..(Spyware related? Combination of particular spyware/patch combo perhaps?), there were no other problems. Updated NAV say's no viruses present. The re-boot loop is a widespread problem though w/ XP lately (especially Home Edition), according to recent research. Plenty of links for anyone interested.

I'm more of the mind that the partition showing before C is the NTBootLoader as it's on every XP system I and others have checked. Funny I can't find anything on the entire web about it from before these recent problems.

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