windows XP won't read floppy disk created on Windows 98 system

By wildtopcat ·
windows XP won't read floppy disk created on Windows 98 system
can you help please

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Solution: windows XP won't read floppy disk created on Windows 98 system

by MannionTm In reply to windows XP won't read flo ...

Floppy Disk is Not Accessible, Not Formatted, or Not Recognized by Windows:
Symptoms: When you access a floppy disk, you may receive one of the following error
messages: "A is not accessible.", "The device is not ready." -or- "Disk is not formatted. The disk in drive A is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" -or- "STOP: The disk media is not recognized, it may not be formatted." The same disk may work correctly with MS-DOS or Windows 95, or after you re-format the disk with Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003. This problem occurs on disks that do not contain a media descriptor byte in the BIOS parameter block (BPB) of the boot sector. Some older preformatted floppy disks do not contain a media descriptor byte. Older product disks may also not have the media descriptor byte. The media descriptor indicates the type of medium currently in a drive. With MS-DOS and Windows 95, you do not have to set the media descriptor byte. Therefore this problem does not occur with these older operating systems. The media descriptor byte is located in the BPB of the boot sector at offset 21 (15h) and in the first byte of each FAT on the disk. See Microsoft Article I 140060 for media descriptor byte values and use of a disk editor to change such.

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3 - mode floppies

I downloaded the 3 mode drivers quite a while ago so I don't think the links are valid anymore.
But the following links are interesting reading. I still have the drivers in ZIP form though.

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