Windows XP won't Restart

By jrpedraza ·
I an using Windows XP Pro on a generic computer I built some time ago. recently when selecting restart from the shutdown menu such as after an update or so, the display screen goes black but the computer is still powered up (lights on and everything in the case). I then have to press the power switch to shut down the computer. In order to restart the computer I have to wait about five minutes with the main power switch off, otherwise it will simply go to the black screen and all lights on but no boot sequence.

I only have one drive, a seagate SATA 320 GB, I have cycled all memory sticks out and presently only have one 1 gb stick in it. the MB is an ABIT KN8 with an AMD 64 3200+ processor. Other than that I have uupdated the bios to the latest version and still get the same result, all peripherals have been disconnected - the only thing connected is the ps2 keyboard and mouse. Also, in it is a new 500W Antec Basiq power supply, I have two CD Rom drives connected and no floppy drives.

Thanks in advance.


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Have you tried reseating

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows XP won't Restart

the Video card. Try another monitor, if it doesn't work then it is in the video card. But if the other monitor works, then it is in your monitor.

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have not checked the video card..

by jrpedraza In reply to Have you tried reseating

I have not removed the video card, I will do that at the next opportunity, thanks.

(I'm new to techrepublic and posted again when I didn't see my first post...)


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