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    Windows xppro hangs at install


    by allen1mason ·

    pc parts are all brand new on 2nd mobo.
    new oem cd.
    got more errors then i know what to do with.
    BSOD’s are
    irq not less or equal
    tried installing serv went well intil boot
    tried suse 10.1 boots in 4 bad colors cant read it.
    parts list.
    foxconn nf4sli7aa, 3.4 intel pent d socket 775
    4gb kingston ddr 667
    2 biostar 7300gt 256 mb
    2 250gb sata

    need help fast nephew’s bday coming soon

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      by allen1mason ·

      In reply to Windows xppro hangs at install


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      by grez ·

      In reply to Windows xppro hangs at install

      Hi! Have you tried removing hardware one piece at a time? I’d start with removing one RAM chip at a time, try reinstalling, then any peripherals (modem, etc). Long process, but it may work for you. Another good thing to do is get the exact “irq” error and search on google. Good luck!

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        done it all

        by allen1mason ·

        In reply to Hardware

        been at this for 2 wks
        researched all error codes to no result

        tried bare ones 1 stick of ram 1 hdd tried everything in other system works fine.
        nothing exturnal no audio or usb to the case.

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      I know it was recommended already…

      by dedlbug ·

      In reply to Windows xppro hangs at install

      It sounds like you tried a lot. But to be certain, make sure you try to perform the install with ONE RAM chip only, ONE Video card installed, AND One Hard Drive. See what happens. Double-chcek that SLI is NOT enable when you remove one of the cards in the BIOS prior to installation.

      It might be the BIOS settings (update BIOS??), cd-drive, cables?

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