windows XPsp3 dosen't cache domain username/password

By sonicdeffodil ·
Its a little wired. i am configuring a new laptop for a user, everything is fine , except it doesn't remember the domain user name and password when user try to log in to the laptop without plugging network cable. so every time anyone needs to log in to this laptop , it needs a network cable. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion what to do ?? thanks

PS: everything is working on this laptop fine. It is running WINXP sp3.

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Do you really want it to remember?

by IC-IT In reply to windows XPsp3 dosen't cac ...

That could be a big security risk should the laptop be stolen.

Well, it is your call, check out this example; You may have missed step 11 on page 5.

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i guess i couldnt make it clear enough

by sonicdeffodil In reply to Do you really want it to ...

Well thanks for your quick reply, but i think my question wasnt as clear as it should be. its nothing to do with any connection. all i meant to say was , when some one try to log in to the windows (ctrl+alt+del), it says 'domain not found'. unless the laptop is plug in to the network cable, even though the user already logged in to this laptop before with network cable plugged in. so i think windows should cacheed the username/password, regardless . but it doesnt . thats the problem. I hope it makes a little clear now. thanks

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Network Accounts

by jay.okane In reply to i guess i couldnt make it ...

Does a user account get created in Documents & Settings?
If so, is it still there when the user logs out, and you log in with a local account?

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It Does create

by sonicdeffodil In reply to Network Accounts

User account get created whenever domain user log in, and it still there even if the user logged out, when i have logged and checked using local admin account. but still cant log in with out using network cable, says : "no domain found " .

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Ah in that case

by IC-IT In reply to i guess i couldnt make it ...

You will need to enable domain login cache. You can do this through a registry setting or through a GPO/local gpedit.

See this article for the reg key;

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