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Windows7 Internet Won't Connect

By sabrefreak ·
I have a Dell XPS laptop with Win7 64bit installed. It works great except that the internet will not work on some networks - lan or wan.

However, on those "down" networks, it can still see the network (shared files and such with no problem), just not internet. When it does manage to get on, it can only go out for a couple of minutes and then crashes.

So far, I've (no particular order), tried fixed IP vs DHCP, reset the winsock, done an ipflush, turned off all security, installed other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome - all fail, ran it from Administrator, reformatted it, reinstalled the drivers - still the problem exists. I've even removed items from the startup.

It should be stated that on this network - where Win 7 can't get on the internet, I have Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, all flying effortlessly at the same time.

Appreciate any idea because I'm running out of them. Thanks in advance.

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architecture of connection to net?

by oldbaritone In reply to Windows7 Internet Won't C ...

direct, via NAT router, via proxy server, something else?

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by sabrefreak In reply to architecture of connectio ...

It plugs in direct to switch which goes to router. There is no proxy.
For wireless, it has the correct key. I have tried to grab a unsecure wireless network; it grabs it but cannot let me go on to the internet; it claims it is "unidentified" and gives me no access.

Now here's something I just noticed... I have a wireless G access point; the connection status is 4/5 bars (so pretty good), but I'm only getting 11 Mbps. That may explain the crappy wireless (which I'm changing to wireless N anyways), but not the lan. It claims 1 Gbps speed, but its internet speed is death.

When I have access, throwugh my WAN or LAN, the Access type (in the Network and Sharing Center) is always Internet Access; it never has Local Access, even though I only have local access.

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Win7 quirky

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Windows7 Internet Won't C ...

I run win7 64 PRO. I have noticed that occasionally it will claim "limited connectivity" and tell me that the internet doesn't work until I use a web browser. Once Firefox connects to a webpage the icon suddenly changes and everything works fine. It sounds like this is not your problem.

Wireless router: If your wireless router is set to compatibility mode or "b/g" it will automatically run at B speeds whenever it senses a B device. This could even be your neighbor trying to use your AP. To get full speed wireless you have to tell it to operate in G mode only. This will make connections to B devices fail.

Wired: Do you have modern hardware? If it is not "Vista certified" it might give you buggy performance and act very strange indeed. Even if you got drivers on to it, drivers will often be accepted for similar devices but the functionality of old hardware with new drivers is not supported and therefore could do anything, like the symptoms you describe.

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It's a DELL

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Windows7 Internet Won't C ...

I just reread your post, if it's in warranty I would contact DELL. They are cheap bastards that use substandard vendors. Make them deal with it. They are very good about replacing stuff.

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